Published On : Fri, Dec 29th, 2017

Mumbai fire: First inquiry report with India Today reveals BMC’s negligence

Mumbai: India Today has accessed the Primary Inquiry report on the deadly fire that broke out early on Friday morning at Kamala Mills.

BMC Commissioner Ajoy Mehta has submitted a report to the Chief Secretary of Maharashtra. A highly placed source in BMC has told India Today that the report clearly indicates BMC officials mentioning the ‘gross negligence bordering on connivance.’

The officers failed to notice and take action against the pubs and restaurant flouting the norms. They must be removed from their place of service immediately, the report says according to the source.

An initial investigation suggests that there could be two causes to the fire. One was the illegal hookah parlour and the second was the tossing of alcohol to create flames.

The Bamboo structure, tarpaulin and nylon curtains fuelled the fire even more.

Another detail pointed out by the BMC’s investigation was that there was no proper entry to the joint 1Above.

The only way to enter was a lift and the other way to enter was a narrow entrance where one had to bend under an iron structure to enter. The lift stopped working once the fire started.

Five BMC officers have been suspended since the incident. Assistant Commissioner Prashant Sakpale has been transferred to K East ward and K East Assistant Commissioner Devendra Jain was brought to G South ward, where the incident happened.

For the first time, Mehta has also suspended SS Shinde, an assistant divisional fire officer who was supposed to inspect the place.

The BMC survey says that there are 34 restaurants in Kamla Mill compound and many flout norms. The BMC has already ordered crackdown on eateries in Todi Mill, Raghuvanshi Mills and other places.

—According to India Today report.