Published On : Wed, Aug 19th, 2015

MSO owner’s sensuous party at Kondhali farm house caught in video; Cops just let it go…


Clip from the Video

Nagpur: The swagger of bikini clad blonde, the glasses brimming with free flowing liquor, the ambience of plush farm house and the igniting passion of onlookers….Well this is not your usual pick from a Bollywood flick but a sequence in real! The sensuous farm house party was thrown up last Saturday at a farm house in Kondhali on Amravati road. Interestingly when the cops raided the place, all was settled down calmly without airing an inch of whiff outside. The farm house at Kondhali is said to be of a MSO (cable network) owner in Nagpur.

The video in possession of Nagpur Today  reveals that the farm house party was organized well within the closed doors.  In the video, a skimpily clad dancer is seen moving her assets to the tune of ‘Ang laga le re’, the latest song of movie Ram Leela. Through her swaggers, the young lady is seen charming up the man sitting in front, reportedly a local who was party to the scene. Another woman and two men are seen sitting on a cozy sofa and enjoying drinks over the hot and sensuous dance. The dancer is occasionally seen grooving up to the man and pulling him, and doing all what is ‘indecent’.

Meanwhile, sources said that local policemen got the hint of the party and reached at the farm house. However, the cops were reportedly shooed away after an ‘understanding’ was made between them and the party. All the cops went back without any action.

Fallout of cable war?

Quite an speculation is being made over who shot the video and why? Insiders revealed that the farm house belongs to the owner of a prominent MSO in Nagpur. It is learnt that the party plan was tipped off to the rival MSO owner who planned to shoot the video to expose the rival. “He might have wished to defame his rival by leaking this video out,” quipped a source.

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