Published On : Wed, Jun 5th, 2013
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Mr. Mankind, don’t play dirty games with Mother Nature, or face its terrifying fury

World Environment Day is being observed by hundreds of Government organizations, NGOs in order to protect the environment already turned life-threatening by various poisonous activities by human beings.

Nagpur News: “What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”

“…An average of seventy-four species become extinct every day, which was one good reason but not the only one to hold someone’s hand…”

Come June 5, the World Environment Day, hundreds of organizations, NGOs and others observe the Day in their different ways and styles. Every single soul gives a strong message to protect the environment at any cost in this fast globalization of world. However, the environment is poisoned and viciously polluted by mankind across the globe. The mankind has made the environment suffocate by way of haphazard growth of giant, big, small industries caring a hoot for rules, regulations, and guidelines laid down for protection and maintenance of environmental balance to its natural existence. The ever growing industry is an iceberg. There are several disturbing aspects like mountain of jump in various fuel driven vehicles, wiping out of flora and fauna in an unimaginable and thoughtless manner etc. The dreadful list is incomplete as far as other bewildered actions on the part of human beings is concerned.

In our own Orange City, the World Environment Day is being observed for observation’s sake. No firm determination, will power, and concrete measures to protect the environment are visible. The saplings are being planted in hundreds at various places, a heap of garlands, flowers, the part of environment, are being used to welcome the very leaders or distinguished guests who are giving massages to protect and save environment, (The garlands, flowers would die after an hour or two).

However, the most dirty picture is that the hundreds of saplings planted across the Nagpur, would be left orphans and die young as not a single soul would nurse them carefully so that the saplings take the shape of fully grown trees. The words in the lines may hurt the so-called environmentalists, of course with an exception, for their half-hearted efforts on environment front. If they want to apprise themselves of ground reality of the saplings planted by the distinguished personalities on every June 5, the saplings did not survive an hour or maximum two as the cattle roaming freely devoured them immediate after the “function.”

The fresh example of saplings dying an infant death could be witnessed near Panchsheel  Talkies. The saplings of various hues and colours were starved of much needed water and died abruptly. Now, even Rain God, too, would not be able to bring them alive. The NMC, too, could not be blamed for starving the saplings of water. “Should the NMC provide the precious stuff to the citizens, who are in grip of water shortage, or to the saplings? The NMC has the first option as a priority. And whenever the saplings have been fed by the NMC, not to mention, the water is drawn from Nag Nadi or Pili Ndai or Nallahs with nasty smell thus creating more trouble than the solution. The entire nearby areas have to take the brunt of foul smell, the saplings too die of poisonous water, is another frustrating aspect.

THE MAYOR’S PROMISE: Recently, Nagpur Mayor Anil Sole had announced a plan to plant 5 lakh saplings in the city. The Mayor even had announced to turn the Orange City really orange by planting saplings of orange trees on the lines of Jaipur in Rajasthan which is famous world-wide as the Pink City. All these plans have been put at cold storages or are on papers only. The promises, plans, projects turn “white elephants” if the Orange City citizens go deep into the hollow words uttered by not only the Mayor but several environmentalists and other eminent personalities. If the NMC wants to come clean on its promises then it should conduct a survey and see for itself how many saplings have grown to its life or how many saplings died without proper nursing. Everything would be crystal clear. And an awful picture could be seen on NMC’s promises.

BLAME LIES ON EVERY SENSIBLE SOUL: Now-a-days it has become a fashion to blame any administration for all the ills. However, for most of the bad things, citizens themselves are to be blamed for thoughtless actions as far as environment is concerned. In the simplest of simple action, the citizens give no thought for dumping garbage at proper place.

INDISCRIMINATE CUTTING OF TREES, FORESTS:  There is no need to mention to this year’s fire-spitting summer with temperatures touching 48 or more degree Celsius in the history of Nagpur. But this is not the news. The real factor that is causing a massive change in patterns of all seasons not only summer is indiscriminate wiping out of forests, exploitation of natural resources in gigantic proportions, ever increasing fuel-run vehicles, industries neglecting the very guidelines to protect environment etc. The mountain of flat schemes which triggered mammoth cutting of trees and other constructions in the Orange City turned the clean and unpolluted environment to its present form – poisonous with several pollution factors in a chain of anti-environment actions.

The suffocated smoky emissions produced by lakhs and lakhs of vehicles have been taking a heavy toll as hundreds of citizens are suffering from various health problems the major being the lung disorders. Ant not to mention every hospital is flooded by patients with various diseases. However, the Orange City boasts of an institute NEERI which deals with environment issue, too, but it appears, the NEERI itself is victim of life-threatening polluted environment.

The bottom line is: Beware of Mother Nature’s fury. It retaliates with terrible vengeance and without mercy. Mr. Mankind don’t play games with Mother Nature. The mankind would be the victim of holocaust the Nature will cause if the mankind stops its anti-environment activities in any form. And sooner the mankind acts responsibly the better the environment would be. Never underestimate the Mother Nature’s Fury.