Published On : Sat, Sep 17th, 2016

Movie Review : Raaz Reboot


Raaz Reboot

Raaz Reboot

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Kriti Kharbanda, Gaurav Arora
Director: Vikram Bhatt

You think only human beings face morality crisis? Well, ghosts too have emotions and respect the unsaid social mores. At least, the non-judgmental one in director Vikram Bhatt’s Raaz Reboot does. He doesn’t kiss women with a ‘mangalsutra’ (The necklace married Hindu women wear). But he does hope that she takes it off herself. Of course, there is no stopping him after that.

The story unfolds in Dracula’s own country, Romania. But it is no big deal as our protagonists, Rehaan (Gaurav Arora) and Shaina (Kirti Kharbanda), know that the Count’s castle is miles away from their house. Also, they have been there in the past and their love had blossomed in Romania. But it is different this time.

The married couple is going through a tough time. Their relationship is strained and what could be a better timing than this for Aditya’s (Emraan Hashmi) entry. After all, he has made a career out of luring committed women into his love trap. Remember Murder, Aashiq Banaya Aapne, Gangster and many other films.

So, the game is poised now. You will witness a first of its kind spirit this time. Did I say that Raaz Reboot is a ghost story from the beginning? No? Ok, Shaina gets possessed ten minutes down the film.

The local priest can’t do much about it. The ghost knows the priest’s past. It literally blackmails the cleric to leave the scene with a torrent of reminders about his tainted past with kids. You know what I mean.

We need our own guy in command of the situation now. So, a blind Indian student studying Psychometry in Romania enters the game. That’s an actual term which means object reading. Indians are anyway possessive about their belongings.

The drama escalates and the ghost says, f*** y**. Yes, this spirit swears. Modernity or bad manners, you can take your pick.

Meanwhile, you will keep spotting Hotel Transylvania, a Gypsy woman and other clichés, so that you don’t feel out of sync. Don’t forget it’s a Vikram Bhatt film.

The cleric’s failed exorcism bid means God’s reputation is at stake and that calls for some extreme measures. The rest is a permutation and combination of words – ‘spirit’, ‘possessed’, ‘danger’, ‘haunted’ and ‘Jesus’.

Soulful music will soothe your ears and Emraan Hashmi is also there. Some initial scenes of arguments between Rehaan and Shaina are well written, but that’s about it.

Raaz Reboot is a tough watch for close to 140 minutes. Great songs, but not enough to pull it out of the spirit’s grip.