Published On : Sat, Jun 18th, 2016

Movie Review: Pind Daan

Pind Daan MarathiMovie
Marathi movies are doing better at Box Office than many Bollywood movies. Most of the Marathi Movies in the recent times had created goodwill in the Film Industries. With Pind Daan, there is one more feather on a cap of Marathi Film industry.

Pind Daan movie is shot in very scenic locations. Of course the movie caters to upper middle class Educated Maharashtrians. Many scenes and concepts that are shown in the movie are those which only upper-class educated Maharashtrians can identify with. The musical tracts are thematic and keep ringing in the ears.

One major concept that was reflected in the movie is Indians may go anywhere in the world, yet they maintain their Indian cultural ethos. They do not forget their roots. Surprisingly, an British lady named Anna (played by Paula Mc Glynn) who speaks very fluent Marathi and speaks of Baba as her Guru seems to draw the Lead Actor played by Ashutosh (Played by Siddharth Chandekar).

The Lead Actress Ruhi (Played by Manava Naik) too displayed very good acting skills and plays a pivotal role in the Love Triangle which is the dormant topic that the movie revolves around.

The very lively, very jubilant yet elegant English Lady played by Paula Mc Glynn seems to bring life into the Lead Actor and the movie too. Ashutosh (Played by Siddharth Chandekar) and Ruhi (Played by Manava Naik) work together in a London-based culture channel as director and camera person respectively. Ruhi covets unexpressed love for Ashutosh.

Both the lead Ashutosh and Ruhi gets assignment of making a documentary film on Pindadaan, they come to India and reach a place called Nandikeshwar and stays at a heritage hotel. Driver Tukaram takes them to meet Rudrababa, a holy God man who can provide information for their documentary.

On his early morning visit to Manganga Ghat, Ashutosh meets a British girl, Anna (played by Paula McGlynn), who speaks fluent Marathi and has deep knowledge of Indian philosophy, as she is a follower of Rudrababa. This Marathi movie is a treat for Marathi movie lovers. One should really watch this movie.

Pind Daan (A mystical love story) is the movie which is recently released and is loved and appreciated by the Public. The movie is directed by Prashant Patil whereas Director of Photography (Cinematography) of the movie is done by Bunty Deshpande. Prashant Patil and Bunty Deshpande are the sons of our soil. They studied from Saint Francis De Sales College and then from Hislop college. Later they went to Pune for further studies. They were the first who introduce fashion photography in Pune in 1990 and later in Mumbai. They trained quite a few models like Pooja Batra, Prachi Desai and many more. They started making short films which were appreciated public.

Pindadaan is their first Marathi feature film which is produced and directed Prashant Patil and cinematography is done by Bunty Deshpande and costumes were designed by Deepali Deshpande who also hails from Nagpur.

By Swati Gan