Published On : Thu, Sep 24th, 2015

Movie ‘Nagpur Gangster’ to be made on Akku Yadav

Mumbai/Nagpur: Gangster Bharat Kalicharan aka Akku Yadav was killed by 200 women in Nagpur district court in 2004, which attracted worldwide attention. It is said that he killed a dozen of people and managed to get acquittal from court. He was a terror in the Kasturba Nagar locality as he used to barge in any house and rape the women and girls with impunity for a decade.

The women took 15 minutes to hack to death the gangster. Chilli powder was thrown in his face and stones hurled. One of his alleged victims hacked off his penis with a vegetable knife. 70 stab wounds were found on his body. Yadav was killed not in the dark alleys of the slum, but on the shiny white marble floor of Nagpur district court.

Producer Sucheta Jachak is now making a movie, ‘Nagpur Gangster’ based on the gangster under the banner of Green Chilly Movie International. To be made in Hindi, Marathi & Telgu, the shooting began in Hyderabad. Pramod Rao Shirbhate is the director and writer of the movie.

“This is an action, thriller, musical movie with lots of masala. This will serve as a lesson to the people. When common woman gets angry, then she brings down even the big wigs. People will think before they harass a woman,” says Director Pramod Rao Shirbhate.

Writer -Director Pramod Rao Shirbhate

Writer -Director Pramod Rao Shirbhate