Published On : Sat, Feb 25th, 2017

Mother tigress kills man at Sitarampeth in Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve

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Chandrapur/Nagpur: In probably a bid to ward off any danger to its newborn cubs, a full grown tigress pounced on a man and killed him near Sitarampeth in Tadoba Tiger Reserve in Chandrapur district on Saturday morning. The man was allegedly attending the nature’s call when the tigress attacked him.

Wildlife experts suggested that the tigress could have confused the man with some animal as he was squatting to relieve. This was the first time this tigress attacked a human being. “She is not a man-eater. She delivered cubs and at this phase the tigress usually becomes aggressive. Probably due to this she must have attacked the man whom she might have considered as the potential danger to her offsprings,” said an expert.

Villagers informed that the man entered into forest early Saturday morning for nature’s call. Tigress must have attacked thinking of him as some other mammal.

They said that prior to this there was no record of this tigress being aggressive towards human. .