Published On : Mon, Jun 29th, 2015

‘Most Wanted’ criminal operating in 4 states, serial murderer apprehended

Most Wanted by Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana.

Nagpur: Nagpur Rural Police has succeeded in apprehending one of the Most Wanted criminal wanted in four states who is known to have committed several murders of truck-drivers and cleaners and looting the goods and material in the truck claimed Superintendent of Police, Nagpur Rural Police Dr Arti Singh in a press meet held on June 29, 2015.


The accused identified as Phulchand Gyanchand Rajput, a resident of Pal Nagar, Kasab District, Karnal Haryana. On May 2, 2015 at around noon, two youth were found-dead on the road-side situated in a short distance of around 10 kilometers from Hingna , on the Bypass road to Wadgaon, near Godhni Village.

On the next day a truck carrying tiles bearing RTO No MP-06 / HC-2070 was found abandoned near the border of Madhya Pradesh under Kelwad Police Station’s jurisdiction. On investigation based on the truck number, it was found that truck belonged to a transporter in Rajmundry in Andhra Pradesh. The investigation also revealed that the driver was identified as Gorelal Laxman Singh and the cleaner identified as Sanjaysingh Ghanshyamsingh Shikharwal, both residents of Muraina in Madhya Pradesh.

The cops had started the investigation by taking the pictures from the CCTV footage captured in Rajhura Toll Booth. They started making enquiries in different road-side eateries (Dhabas). Police found out that the person in the photograph was identified as Phulchand working in a road side eatery near Patansawangi. Another driver in Uttar Pradesh too identified him as Phulchand. The cops made intensive investigations in Baliya District in Uttar Pradesh. The cops received information that the accused could be within an area between Kalmeshwar and Ghondkhairi. After apprehending him, when the cops presented him in Hingna Court, he was sent to Police Custody for seven days. A white coloured powder was found in his possession. It was assumed by the police officials that the accused could have used the white powder to render the victims unconscious.

It also came to fore that the accused Phulchand does not have a valid driver’s license. The accused used to approach those drivers and cleaners who are often found cooking their meals near road-side where they take a break and ask for a job. He then used to take the driver and cleaner with him. He used to add some of the white powder to the food that they have cooked. This resulted in the driver and the cleaner to get unconscious or sometimes they used to fall into deep sleep. The accused to kill both the driver and the cleaner, remove all the ornaments and cash from their possession and after dumping them in some isolated place used to flee with the truck. He then used to dispose the goods in the truck through some agents.

During the primary interrogation, Phulchand has confessed that he has committed eight murders in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana.

He had befriended Gorelal and Sanjay Singh in a similar fashion in Patansavangi. He had accompanied the driver-cleaner duo to Vijaywada and later to Rajamundry in Andhra Pradesh. While going from Andhra Pradesh to Dehradun carrying a load of tiles, the accused Phulchand had murdered the victims Gorelal and Sanjay Singh near Hingna.

In the month of June too, he had committed a similar murder in a place under Badwa Police Station’s jurisdiction in Hoshangabad. He was awarded life imprisonment for the dual murder in Madhya Pradesh. He absconded from Madhya Pradesh when he was released on Parole. Since he had committed murders and dumped the victims in isolated places, many murders could not even be investigated.

However, he is said to be Most-Wanted criminal in four states which includes Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana. Nagpur Rural Police has informed the other states as well since, it is suspected of having committed many more such murders.

The investigation into the multi-state criminal was jointly undertaken by police personnel from Nagpur Rural Investigation Department, Cyber Cell, Hingna, Kelwad and Kalmeshwar under the directions and guidance of Police Inspector Jayesh Bhandarkar, Police Sub Inspector Dinesh Labhde, Police Inspector Deepak Wankhede, Police Sub Inspector Arvind Saraf and others.

Police Superintendent Dr Arti Singh, Additional Police Superintendent Amit Kale, Deputy Superintendent Ratan Yadav and Deputy Superintendent Sheetal Wanjari had maintained an ideal coordination and communication and timely reviews of the progress resulted in apprehending the Most Wanted Criminal.

The Cyber cell had kept a track of the mobile number of the accused which they had received from their sources. Only because of a joint operation could such a ill-famous criminal be apprehended by the Nagpur Rural Police.

It also came to fore that proper coordination among the law-enforcement department alone helped the cops nab a major criminal.