Mosquito menace in Nagpur, citizens demand relief

Nagpur: The lack of cleanliness in the city has given rise to the mosquitoes’ problem in city. It is clear from figures of NMC’s Malaria-Filaria Department. The entire city is haunted by the mosquitoes. The drainages and the stagnant waters everywhere have become the breeding places of mosquitoes.

The citizens have been continuously demanding relief from the mosquito menace. The people here have demanded, the city to be cleaned and then the stagnant water places be sprayed.

No doubt, the spraying has started in those areas where the corporators and officials stay. The department has even prepared a list but the spraying is done according to the positions. If the person is at a higher position a big fogging machine is used and for person of lesser position handy spraying machine is used.

The problem with the small fogging machine is that it makes a tremendous noise which the animals cannot bear and start running towards the direction from were the noise comes. Many a times the persons spraying have to run for the life, at such times they have fall on ground too. They have either hurt themselves and the handy machine has gone out of order.

It may be mentioned the spraying done by handy fogging machine is not that effective as the one done by a bigger fogging machine which last longer. There is need for bigger fogging machines.