Published On : Tue, Nov 7th, 2017

Moreshwar Murder Case : Suspicion points towards professor Dilip!

Dr. Mahesh Wankhede

Dr Deceased Moreshwar Wankhede

Nagpur: More skeletons tumble out of the closet as the Bajaj Nagar police team progressed its probe in the sensational murder of Principal Dr Moreshwar Wankhede who was allegedly killed at the behest of his daughter, her lover and his wife. His dead body was found near Ajni.

Now opening another thread into the case, the police suspect the involvement of a professor named Dilip. However the cops were still groping in the dark as it tried to zero in on the mastermind in the case. Police suspect that Dilip might be involved in the murder of Moreshwar. When Bajaj Nagar police called up Dilip he tried to avoid the cops and fluttered on questioning. He did not even visited police station when he was called there. The cops were reportedly on a hunt for Dilip. Senior officers however are not divulging any details in this regard but the sources claimed that Dilip was very much on police radar. Gyaneshwar Patil, police station incharge at Bajaj Nagar
police station, informed that they were trying to establish the role of said professor.

Professor friends with wife
It turned out that Anita Wankhede, 42 was in touch with this professor who is likely to be interrogated. As per the information received, Dr Moreshwar and Anita got married on May 23, 1989. At that time Anita, who belonged to the poor family, was only 18 years old. Anita was wary of her parents marrying her with the man much older than her. She gave birth to Sayali, her daughter in 1991. At that time, Moreshwar was professor at Dhanwate National College here. Meanwhile, Anita too landed a job at a recognised school. As Anita was trying to cope up with Moreshwar, she got friends with a professor at Nandanvan college. This caused the bone of contention between Anita and Moreshwar who often doubted her. Sensing the trouble, the said professor stopped visiting Wankhede family’s house.

Wife befriended senior clerk too
Later, Anita also befriended a senior clerk at the college who also used to be her college friend. This only enraged Moreshwar who suspected her more. Meanwhile Moreshwar got tranferred as a Principal in the college at Chandrapur. Moreshwar also contacted the concerned college professor. Both turned friends and often visited each other’s places. Eventually Anita also drew close to the professor. Moreshwar still suspected the equation between her wife and the concerned professor, following which the couple would often engage in verbal spat. Moreshwar would also beat Anita over the issue. Moreshwar also called the professor’s wife and bragged about her husband’s affinity with his wife.

Rajasthan’s tour brought bitterness
Police station incharge Patil informed that in December 2016, Anita, her daughter Sayali along with her lover Shubham went on a vacation in Udaipur in Rajasthan, where the concerned professor also accompied them. Anita reportedly kept this tour hidden from Moreshwar which only fuelled his suspicion on his wife. She had also lied about the trip saying that she had gone to a relative’s place. Soon the truth came out following which Moreshwar lodged a complaint at Ajni police station claiming threat to his life. The couple’s case was filed at Bharosa Cell, however nothing could be resolved through dialogue.