Published On : Tue, Sep 6th, 2016

More than 50,000 students deprived of last year’s scholarships as yet


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Nagpur: In yet another bungle by the authorities of Social Welfare Department of State Government looking into issue of scholarships, more than 50,000 students pursuing professional and non-professional courses in Maharashtra have not received the scholarships for last year (i.e. 2015) as yet.

With some reports appearing in some print media, the issue was taken up in the courts and the court has appointed two lawyers as amicus curiae to investigate the entire folly. Accordingly a Special Investigating Team too has been constituted as the Director General of Police is said to be heading the investigation.

Sources said that as the SIT is quizzing the officials, the officials who till now got away with any foul-up have started feeling the pinch. Sources also claimed that many officials are irked the way the SIT is quizzing them. According to some officials, they are irked and are allegedly claiming that “why should we go to jail?” They have also allegedly claimed that in the name of inquiry, the officials of SIT are making any allegation and are said to pinning the blame of any foul up or fault on them.

Sources claimed that there is a sense of disgruntlement among the officials and the staff and they are following a pens-down strike. That is why they do come to the office but do not work.

Till such time as the SIT submits the report, the students may not get their scholarships.