Published On : Mon, Oct 7th, 2019

More than 3 lakhs bottles of Mysore ink for Assembly elections

Nagpur : Three lakh bottles of ‘Mysore ink’ are being distributed to collectors in Maharashtra to put ink on the left-hand margin (pointer finger of the left hand) of voters for the assembly elections.

Applying this ink on the day of voting, its moisture disappears within 15 seconds. So no matter how hard people try, it doesn’t wipe out. This ink is made at Mysore Paints and Varnish Limited Company in Mysore. The company is operating under the Karnataka government and the Election Commission of India has given the only contract to supply ink for the election. Therefore, this ink is known as ‘Mysore ink’.

There will be 96, 661 polling booths in 288 constituencies for the 2019 assembly elections. Work is on to deliver the bottles of Mysore ink to all these centers.

Non-wiping ink is placed on the left margin of the voter before the vote. Then his signature or thumb is taken before voting. Polling officers inspect ink on the left margin of the voter. A person who refuses to check the left finger can be disqualified for voting. If a voter does not have pointer finger of the left hand then ink can apply on any finger on the person’s left hand.