Published On : Mon, Oct 2nd, 2017

Monsoon bids goodbye, leaves Vidarbha ‘high & dry’ with ‘below normal’ rainfall

Nagpur: The monsoon is moving fast to say goodbye to Vidarbha. The “below normal” monsoon has left the region “high and dry” and thus impacted the agriculture sector on ‘darker’ side. The rainfall season in India starts from June 1 and ends on September 30. According to figures, entire Vidarbha is reeling under drought-like situation.

Vidarbha received an average of 728.5 mm of rainfall from June 1 to September 27. It is 23 percent less than the normal. The region generally records an average of 945.7 mm rainfall during the period. This year’s monsoon has started its retreat in the country from September 27. The rains have started saying goodbye to many parts of Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, as well as Delhi and Himachal Pradesh. The rains would start retreating from Vidarbha in the coming week, the experts say.

10 districts in Vidarbha record “below normal” rainfall:

Of the 11 districts of Vidarbha, 10 recorded the “below normal” monsoon. According to Met Department, drought-like situation prevails in the region. A rainfall in 20 percent less proportion creates such situation. And Vidarbha was left 23 percent monsoon deficient this year. The worst scenario stares the face of Gondia district. It recorded the 37 percent “below normal” rains. On the other hand, Buldana recorded the maximum rainfall with three percent more rainfall than the normal. Nagpur recorded 3 percent ‘below normal’ rainfall.

The citizens of Second Capital City are being tormented by hot, humid conditions. Though humidity is on the decline, the scorching sun is in no mood to show mercy. According to Met office, the city on Sunday recorded 34 degree Celsius temperature that was 1 degree above normal. The minimum temperature recorded in the city was 22.6 degree Celsius. The humidity in the morning was 76 percent while the evening saw 78 percent. The forecast is hot day but cooler night.