Published On : Tue, Aug 30th, 2016

MOIL does not intend to mine for any other mineral in near future


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Nagpur: The state-owned manganese-ore mining company MOIL Limited (formerly Manganese Ore India Limited) will be undertaking quantitative and qualitative examination of the composition, nature and properties of only Manganese Ore and not venture onto any other mineral or ore claimed Chairman-cum-Managing Director of MOIL Limited G P Kundargi while addressing a press meet at Tilak Patrakar Bhavan on August 30, 2016.

G P Kundargi clarified that at the moment, MOIL Limited does not have intend to undertake exploration, exploitation and processing of any other mineral except Manganese.

The Nagpur Shramik Patrakar Sangh and Tilak Patrakar Bhavan Trust had organized a “Meet the Press” with Chairman-cum-Managing Director of MOIL Limited G P Kundargi. While addressing the media personnel, G P Kundargi gave detailed information on all the previous plans and proposals made so far, the present plans and the future plans of MOIL Limited.

Aim of becoming the biggest Company in Asia
G P Kundargi claimed that with a target of becoming one of the biggest company in Asia by 2030, MOIL Limited will concentrate on enhancing Manganese Production.

Wind and Solar Power Generation
G P Kundargi also spoke about their plans into entering the production on non-conventional power generation like Wind Power Generation and Solar Power Generation.

G P Kundargi claimed that MOIL has two wind farms of 4.8 Mega Watts and 15.2 Mega Watts situated at Nagda Hills and Ratedi Hills respectively in District Dewas near Indore. He claimed that they have also generated Solar Power of 20 Mega Watts. G P Kundargi said that the company plans to develop and enhance the reach in this particular sector. He added that they are also planning to erect and establish a plant in Raigad (Madhya Pradesh). Since the power generation is going to be captive in nature, they have no plans to sell the power.

Those present in the Press meet included newly elected Chief Managing Director Mukund Chaudhari, Deepankar Shom and other officials of MOIL Limited.