Published On : Fri, Apr 21st, 2017

Modi’s mantri plans Project Cow like Project Tiger

New Delhi/Chandrapur: Cow is the new tiger. After a ban on cow slaughter and rising incidents of violence by gau rakshaks, Minister of State (Home) Hansraj Ahir has said the government is considering a proposal to set up cow sanctuaries and start a Project Cow on the lines of Project Tiger.

Humne yeh socha tha, aur kaafi din se hum is pe kaam bhi kar rahe hai Gau hatya ko rok lagana hai, usme sabse bada adanga yeh aata hai ki inko paaley kaun Iske liye ek gau abhyaaranya banane ki zaroorat hai aur chara uska bhi collection karna padega. Har state mein honi chahiye hum gau hatya par rok lagana sambhav hoga

(We have been considering a proposal, and have been working on it for some days now We need to stop cow slaughter, but the biggest stumbling block is who will take care of these cows We need to make cow sanctuaries for this, and need to make arrangements for fodder also. Each state should have cow sanctuaries Then we will be successful in stopping cow slaughter), said Ahir, in an interview to The Indian Express on Thursday.

Isse hoga yeh ki kisan budhi gai ko bechne nahi jayega Yeh ek paryay ho sakta hai, jaise Tiger Projectek Cow Project bana sakte hain

(This will stop farmers from selling old cows A Project Cow, on the lines of Project Tiger, can be started This can be an option), said Ahir, a BJP MP from Chandrapur in Maharashtra.

I have discussed the matter with the environment ministry and we plan to expedite this proposal, he said, adding that a chara (food) bank can also be set up.