Published On : Thu, Aug 21st, 2014

Modi magic losing charm; will not work in assembly polls, asserts Rajendra Mulak

Nagpur News.

stateplanningminister-1Minister of State for Finance and Planning Rajendra Mulak appears wary of the central government at the Centre as he indicated that Modi magic is fast waning. “Narendra Modi fever has dropped dramatically after since the newly formed Central Government failed to keep its promises made prior to Lok Sabha election,” Mulak said.

Addressing media persons Wednesday, he further claimed that the scenarios in Lok Sabha and Assembly polls differs remarkably and that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would have to fight its way to garner votes. “In Lok Sabha elections, the BJP cashed on Narendra Modi’s popularity and won the elections. But Assembly elections are different from Lok Sabha polls and thus, Modi magic will not work this time,” he assured.

Achhe din – an eyewash

Mulak slammed Modi Government for its governance and said that the Government made fake promises of ‘Achhe Din’ to innocent people but it failed miserably in stabilising the current situation in the country. “Every sector in country lashed out on Modi Government for rising railway fares and the Government could not even balance petrol and diesel prices, forget about bringing them down,” the minister added.

He added, “The new governments are safe from any attack and criticism at least for a year, but Modi Government has started facing the wrath from all corners of the country. This indicates the mounting displeasure among the masses for Modi Government and BJP. Thus, Assembly elections would be a challenge for Modi Government to prove and establish itself among the masses one more time. But the task is not a cake walk as in Assembly elections people vote for the candidates who have given their time and energy for the welfare of people in their constituency.”

Cong eyes on polls

Congress Party will commence the drive to select candidates for the upcoming Assembly elections from tomorrow. Talking about the same, Mulak said that the candidates who have been working for the welfare of people will only get the chance to serve for them and will be given tickets for the elections.

Survey statistics no trustworthy

Rajendra Mulak ignored the high claims about survey that claimed BJP would win more than 100 seats in the upcoming Assembly Elections. However, Mulak said that there are many parameters in a survey which are needed to be taken into consideration before trusting them. And without knowing the exact parameters and questions asked in the survey, it will be illogical to trust them.

One power project in each district

Mulak declared that a decision was made to give nod to various power projects in the districts devoid of such projects. He said that one project will be started in every district. He said that even though Vidarbha was facing power crisis but with initiatives from Government many power projects were started in the area and encouraged private companies to invest in Vidarbha. The initiatives bore fruits and leading companies showed interest in vesting in Vidarbha. On the same lines, this decision was taken to promote power projects in other districts also.

Desires to contest election from West Nagpur

Talking to mediapersons, Mulak expressed his desire to contest Assembly polls from West Nagpur. However, he said that the final decision will be taken by the Party seniors. He said that being a responsible minister, he was responsible for five constituencies and if required he will contest the elections.