Published On : Tue, Oct 7th, 2014

Modi declares Devendra Fadnavis a “National Asset”



Speaking to a packed audience in Kasturchand Park today, which listened to Prime Minister Modi in rapt silence, Modi thanked Nagpurians publicly for giving him, the BJP and the nation an ideal leader and Legislator like Devendra Fadnavis.

“Devendra has been responsible for exposing the maximum scams of the Maharashtra Congress – NCP Government. He has asked the maximum questions in the Vidhan Sabha and has won international awards as ‘Best Parliamentarian.’


This young man is not only a credit to your city of Nagpur but the whole nation” declared Modi to thunderous applause from the audience. Mr. Fadnavis aknowledged the praise with folded hands, looking proud as well as surprised at the generous words spoken for him.


Another BJP leader of Vidarbha for whom Mr. Modi had fulsome praise was Mr. Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, Member of Parliament from Chandrapur who was re elected to Parliament this year.According to the PM,   he is almost solely responsible for exposing ‘Coalgate’. He asked repeated questions about it to the Prime Minister’s office and Coal Minister. When he did not get satisfactory replies he appealed to the CBI to conduct an enquiry. And he had so much proof with him, that CBI had to investigate as per the Supreme Court’s directions.

“This is the power of one aware and alert Parliamenterian” Said Modi. “I want all young leaders to learn from him.”

It is worth noting that these were the only two BJP leaders that Modi mentioned by name. Gadkari’s name was missing.

Harping on the topic of miss government of the previous Coalition Governments that ruled for 15 years, Modi pointed out that fifteen years translated to two generations.

“This ‘Scam Government’ has wasted the lives of two generations with their scam upon scam upon bigger scam. I want to change Maharashtra from a ‘Scam State’ to a ‘Skill State’ – and I want you to give me and my party that chance. When the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister are from the same state and work together, 1 + 1 does not equal 2, it equals 11” he said.

Modi’s most scathing indictment was reserved for MIHAN. Mihan was supposed to solve all unemployment problems and develop Nagpur he said.

“Kahan hai MIHAN?” (Where is Mihan?) He asked.

“MIHAN behal hai!” (Mihan is in a terrible state).

The Mihan file took 10 years to travel 500 meters, That is the tragedy of MIHAN” accused Mr. Modi without elaborating further.

“But I Promise you we will not only make MIHAN happen, but I will also be the one inaugurating it” he thundered from the podium.

Pointing out the tremendous confidence that the world of business, internationally, is showing in India, the PM gave comparative figures. He said compared to 2013 June July, by 2014 June July investment in India has gone up by 76%.

“Hindustan is an ancient nation; it has existed for thousands of years. It existed before independence, and after – but the world never took notice. Today, even USA is looking at India in appreciation and acknowledgement. “What brought about the change?” When the audience shouted back “Modi”  “Modi” on cue, Modi said “No, it is not due to Modi. It is due to 125 crore Indians who gave a decisive victory to a single party after 3 decades paving way for fast development unhindered by coalition compulsions.


He scoffed at the “Political Pundits” who had predicted that BJP would at the most touch 175 – 180 seats but he said the Indian people had proved them all wrong by giving BJP 280+ seats.

“The same thing is going to happen in these state elections. They are saying there will be a fractured decision; no single party will gain majority. They are not seeing the number of people who are attending my rallies in Maharashtra and gauging their mood, they are making the same mistake again. We will definitely get a thumping majority and form the new Government without anyone’s support” he claimed.

Borrowing from Martin Luther King’s rhetoric, Mr. Modi said “I have a dream. I have a dream for how my country will be by 2022 when it celebrates 75 years of independence. Every Indian will live in his own house, which will have electricity, running water and a toilet. This is my dream and I pledge that I will fulfill it”.

Surprisingly, he made another promise – not for after many years but for next month i.e. November.

November 14th is Jawaharlal Nehru’s anniversary, this year it will be his 125th Birth anniversary. Nehru was not only India’s first P.M. but also beloved of children who called him Chacha Nehru. So I promise that we will celebrate it in a unique way. Beginning from November 14th to November 19th which is his daughter Indira Gandhi’s birth anniversary we will hold programs for school children teaching them about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. I do not believe in sectarianism but believe in taking everyone along.” Said Modi.

Thus, while in Western Maharashtra he stole the thunder from Shiv Sena by lauding Balasaheb Thakre, in Vidarbha he stumped Congressmen by bringing up the Nehru-Gandhi names. But he assiduously avoided taking Sonia, or Rahul or Robert Vadra’s names.

At the end of his speech, he brought up the sore topic of farmer suicides in Maharashtra.

“Every year, 3700 farmers commit suicide in Maharashtra; majority of them are from Vidarbha.” He said he would see that this stops without mentioning any specific measures or new agriculture policies.

Finally America is not the only super power that Modi brought up in his speech. He mentioned the holy lake of Man Sarover which all Indians would like to visit as a place of pilgrimage. He said that the journey was so tough and hazardous that only Indians under 50 could make the trek. Or the moneyed people could take helicopters from Nepal and go there.

“When the Chinese Prime Minister was here, I spoke to him, I requested him and they (China) have agreed to make a road open for us whereby Indians over 50 too can drive in jeeps upto this holy lake”,

But it seems that the Nagpur people do not really know about Man Sarover or
care because there was hardly any applause on this announcement.

Sensing this, Mr. Modi quickly turned back to the topic of development and accused the Congress of asking him to account for even his first 60 days in power when they have failed to account for 60 years of misrule.

“Take a pledge that this coming 15th October, you will over turn 15 years of the previous (mis) government and make way for a new one.”

He then called all the Vidhansabha contestants to stand on the dais next to him “only contestants please” he ordered and asked people to have a good look at them and vote for them.

Candidates of BJP who were with him are:

Candidate from North Nagpur Milind Mane, from South Nagpur Sudhakar Kohale, from South West Nagpur Devendra Fadnavis, from East Nagpur Krishna Khopde,  from West Nagpur Sudhakar Deshmukhm, from Central Nagpur Vikas Kumbhare, from Kamptee Chandrashekar Bawankulem, from Katol Ashish Deshmukh , from Ramtek D Mallikarjun Reddy, from Hingna Sameer Meghe, from Umred Sudhir Parwe.