Published On : Fri, Jul 29th, 2016

Modeling is all about confidence, says Fashion Choreographer Shakir Shaikh

Fashion Choreographer Shakir Shaikh
A well-known Fashion Choreographer Shakir Shaikh, who is known for training models and polishing many precious beauties, is in the city for one of the renowned Fashion Shows.

Shakir Shaikh among India’s leading fashion choreographers who is known for his innovation and creativity that makes him stand out of the crowd. Shakir Shaikh is an advisory planner of India Beach Fashion Week. He is all set for many International Shows which will take place this year.

In a conversation with Shakir Shaikh:

NT: According to you, what qualities are desirable in a model ?
Shakir: The basic thing a model should have is confidence and of course good height and physical appearance which act as cherry on the cake.

NT: What is the basic thing to remember for someone who is just about to walk the runway?
Shakir: Model should enjoy walking on the ramp that will make her look and feel confident. They must feel comfortable in what they are wearing and carry the garments/ outfit elegantly.

NT: What hard work a model should do to keep him or herself fit and attractive..?
Shakir: Grooming, being punctual, being physically fit and lot of practice which automatically reflects on the ramp.

NT: What are your other interests apart from fashion industry ?
Shakir: I never thought of becoming anything because this is the only dream I had since my college days.

NT: What basic qualities are required for an individual to look beautiful?
Shakir: Positive thinking and confidence play a vital role; it is very important to be yourself.

NT: What are the abilities one needs to make for a good fashion choreographer?
Shakir: Nobody can become a star overnight; it needs lot of practice and hard work for anyone to become a successful personality.

NT: What problems do you face when you teach models your choreography steps?
Shakir: I have never really faced a problem directing any of my shows. I am always blessed with good and co-operative models.

By Swati Gan