Published On : Thu, Dec 14th, 2017

‘Mock talk in corridors of power’: If BJP achieves ‘150-seat Mission,’ EC Jyoti will be Maha Governor or Union Minister!

Nagpur/ New Delhi: In the corridors of power, a “hot discussion,” albeit in satirical tones, is taking place between politicians and bureaucrats that makes a funny reading.

The steamy talk is centred around like this: “If Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) accomplishes its ‘150-seat Mission’ in Gujarat Assembly election, the Chief Election Commissioner Achal Kumar Jyoti would be made Governor of Maharashtra or Cabinet Minister at Centre. Jyoti, who turns 65 in January 2018 (birth date January 23, 1953) and relinquishes the post of CEC, will have to become Rajya Sabha Member if he is made Union Minister. Now, let us see how many seats the BJP wins by EVMs.”

Gujarat election the most expensive one in India:
“The talk is also going on among politicians, economists and businessmen that the Gujarat Assembly election is the most expensive election in the history of India, in which opposition parties are destitute due to demonetisation and out of power. On the other hand, the perpetrator of demonetisation, the ruling party is super rich in every way – technology, resources and ‘Saam-Daam-Dand-Bhed’ as well. Some people say, the party and its bigwig leaders are spending a lot and mobilising huge crowd for meetings and rallies. The undeclared expenditure per seat is in the range of Rs 5-10 crore. This way, the approximate amount of money the super rich party is spending for 182 seats could be in the bracket of Rs 1500 crore. And, out of this money, 90 percent is being spent in black (money). In this blitz of spending, resources, publicity, misleading propaganda, the other parties are finding themselves on sleeper grounds. Is Gujarat election so important and big bashing? Whose image is at stake in this election?”