Published On : Fri, Sep 23rd, 2016

MNS threatens Pak artists, leave country or face heat!

MNS threatens Pak artists,

Mumbai/Nagpur: The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), today, issued a fresh statement asking actors and artists from Pakistan to leave India. The threat issued by MNS comes in the wake of the recent attack on the army base in Uri by Pakistan-based terrorists in which 18 soldiers were martyred.

Speaking to a website, Vageesh Saraswat, vice president and spokesperson of The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) reinstated the warning given by MNS. He said, “From Pakistan’s side lot of terrorism is happening. Our soldiers are been killed by them. MNS has taken this stand right from the beginning that we shouldn’t keep any relation with Pakistan. We have given them 48 hours to leave our country or else we will implement ‘our approach’ towards handling this.”

When asked about similar warnings being issued by the political party in the past, Saraswat said, “Whenever we have given deadlines, we have always worked on it. We have given an ultimatum now; and when we give time, we stick to it. The countdown as begun!”

All the public should support this call by MNS. When Pak is killing our soldiers, we should not be filling pockets of the Pakistani artists.

When asked if talent should be bound by geographical territories, and if politics should be kept away from art, he replied, “If Pakistan stops terrorism and attacking us then we don’t mind talented artists performing in the country. However, we won’t entertain talent when there is terrorism. If the Pakistani actors won’t leave in next 48 hours then we will go to the places where they would be present and chase them out of our country (Dauda kar marenge.)”