Published On : Wed, Aug 19th, 2015

MLA Nana Shamkule’s outburst over ‘latent desire to be minister’

Nana Shamkule
Nagpur: It is difficult to keep a long cherished desire suppressed for long. This is what happened with BJP MLA Nana Shamkule. While addressing a convention of Dhangar Samaj organized at Priyadarshini Sabhagruh in Chandrapur, the other day. He lashed his own party government for neglecting him to provide a ministerial berth. Lamenting that he was not made a minister because he belonged to a backward community, he remarked.

Nana Shamkule specifically said, “Certain leaders of our party had assured that without disturbing the status of ST reservation policy the reservation would be provided to Dhangar community. But, I say, those who belie their assurances are ‘knave’ and ‘sly’.”
He further said that it did not mean that the party leaders should not be relied on. Sarcastically, he defined the democracy as ‘Democracy is now of the people, by the officers and for the leaders’ rather than its politically upheld intrinsic meaning ‘Democracy is of the people, by the people and for the people.’

Shamkule further said, “Union minister Ahir had once said that he would not advise the Dhangar community people to either leave their traditional vocation or continue it. But, the truth is that every one cannot be given job.” According to Shamkule, the Dhangars should cast aside their traditional vocation, and attain higher education to obtain high level jobs.

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