Published On : Mon, May 23rd, 2016

Miraculous escape for Crime Reporter of Nagpur Today Ravikant Kamble


Pole on Ravi's Car
: In what could be mentioned as sheer luck or Almighty God’s protection, Crime Reporter of Nagpur Today Ravikant Kamble escaped without a scratch when an electric pole set suddenly fell on the Tata Nano Car which was being driven by him on May 23, 2016 at around 12:10 am.

On receipt of information all the senior Police Officials and the traffic cops of the Imambada Police Station arrived at the spot and ensured in sorting out the traffic jam.

Since their own crane was out on some other errand, the cops summoned a JCB working on the construction of road and removed the pole and the Tata Nano car from the middle of the road so that the traffic can be resumed.

Apparently the electric poles (a set of two poles) had becomes rusted and worn out. One of the poles was round metallic poles while the other was angular pole. At the top both the poles were connected by another set of angles which had ceramic insulators were attached. This pole was very much in use till a few months ago when new bigger poles were installed and the electric cables were removed from these poles.

Extreme rains followed by very high hot temperatures probably aided in rusting of the poles. Whatever be the cause, the Maharashtra State Electricity Board had removed or shifted the electric cables and had given the work of removal of old and dilapidated poles which were often in places hindering the smooth flow of traffic.

Pole on Ravi's Car.-1jpg
The NMC had undertaken the work of removal of the old and dilapidated poles, however, in-spite of the repeated requests by the In-Charge of Traffic Department, Ajni Section, Senior Police Officer Lokhande, the NMC authorities ignored his pleas. PI Lokhande had pointed out that the pole is obstructing the smooth flow of the traffic, yet they did not listen to his pleas.

The lethargic and lackadaisical attitude of the NMC authority has caused an accident. Many lives could have been lost had the poles landed on a bus or an auto-rickshaw ferrying passengers. Who would be held responsible for their lethargy?