Published On : Sat, Apr 13th, 2019

Minor fire breaks out at xerox centre near NEERI

Nagpur: A minor fire broke out in the backyard of a Xerox Centre near NEERI after a rag-picker tossed a burning bidi in the premises on Saturday afternoon. However the Fire Department reached the spot and douses the flames before it turned severe.

With a thought to utilize the Ramnavami holiday for cleaning purpose, Bhuleshwar Mate, owner of the Xerox Centre had called a rag-picker. The rag-picker who could not be indentified was habitual smoker, it is reported. Right before starting his work, he lighted the bidi and started enjoying puffs. As soon as he done with drags, he tossed the bidi in the premises which triggered the fire, said a Fire Official.

No loss of life or property was reported in the incident.