Published On : Fri, Dec 19th, 2014

Mild earthquake rattles Nagbhid town, no loss of property or casualties reported; GSI notified

EarthquakeNagpur: Panic and chaos reigned at feverish pitch when a mild earthquake hit Nagbhid town in Chandrapur District on Friday morning. However, no destruction of property or human casualties were reported in the tremors. The local authorities lacked the necessary quake measurement tools (Richter Scales) and thus left them speculating on the magnitude of tremors. The District Administration has notified the Geological Survey of India about the mild earthquake.

Life was going as usual and the people were busy in their routine chores when the mild shock of quake was felt in Nagbhid around 9 am on Friday. Suddenly the ground started shaking with rumbling sound as the effect of the tremors forcing people to wonder what is happening. However, when it downed on them that a mild earthquake has hit the town they started scurrying for sager places. Almost all the people in Nadbhid experienced the shake-up and all of them are grip of scare and anxiety. Aftershocks are a general phenomenon but people have reportedly not witnessed so gar. Hundreds of people rushed outside their houses and came in open places to save their lives. The scenario depicted people making hectic calls on their mobiles and confirming whether it was a quake of or blast of an explosive material. Some residents witnessed household items falling down and doors and windows rattling. It was probably for the first time the Nagbhid town experienced such kind of phenomenon, opined some elderly persons of the town.

When Nagbhid Tehsildar Sriram Mundadha was contacted to throw light on the rattling incident he said that since the administration lacked the necessary facilities to measure the magnitude of the earthquake the Geological Survey of India (GSI) was notified about the tremors.