Published On : Thu, May 21st, 2015

MHADA Quarters : Goons evade arrest even after lapse of two days

Nagpur: The goons who had attacked the residents of MHADA Quarters in Nari Road on May 19, 2015 are somehow evading arrest even after a lapse of two days claimed sources. According to the residents of MHADA Quarters in Nari Road, the police officials of Jaripatka Police Station are taking the issue very lightly. Some of them have also alleged that the cops are hand in gloves with the goons. Sources claimed that the attackers include dreaded criminal and the son of one who runs a gambling den identified as Yawa, nephew of Yawa, brother of Yawa and 20 to 25 other abettors. Sources claimed that since Yawa has friendly or cordial relationship with the cops of Jaripatka Police station, they are not taking serious cognizance of the case.

According to police sources, on May 19, 2015 between 9:30 pm to 10:30 pm, Yawa’s brother, Yawa’s nephew and 20 to 25 other goons or abettors forcibly entered into the house of residents of MHADA Quarters in Nari Road identified as Santosh Satyanarayan Yadav aged 27 years. The goons attacked him with sharp-edged weapons. After this they rained terror on the area. They destroyed the vehicle owned by Panorkar another resident of MHADA Quarters. The goons went on to damage the Tata Innova vehicle owned by Sheikh Sharif. Sources claimed that their act of causing terror in the area is a show of strength. These goons were raining terror in the area for nearly an hour. However, in spite of being informed of the attack by goon, the Jaripatka Police personnel never arrived till the goon left the place. The goons also damaged the compound wall of some of the residents. They destroyed the goods kept outside the house of Santosh Yadav.

How it all started

Sources claimed that Santosh Yadav had gone to the pan kiosk owned by Pintu Bhaiya situated at Teka Naka to eat Kharra (betel-nut, lime, catechu mixture). There an argument ensued between Santosh Yadav and Yava’s Brother and Son over the casual hurtle (Dhakka Lagna). When Santosh asked the duo why they pushed him around? The goon’s duo went off from the pan kiosk without replying to his question. However at 9:30 pm, Yawa’s brother, Yawa’s nephew and 20 to 25 other goons forcibly entered into the house of Santosh Satyanarayan Yadav with weapons and attacked him. The goons had also damaged the vehicle of the friend of Santosh Yadav with swords. The goons had also damaged the vehicles and goods of other residents of MHADA colony. It is alleged that some of the goons entered into some houses and misbehaved with the women folk too. On receipt of the information, Woman Police Sub Inspector Shrikande registered a case against Yava’s Brother, Yawa’s Son and 20 other goons. Even after the lapse of two days from the occurrence of the incident, the police have not arrested any accused as yet. With the lackadaisical approach of the cops, the goons seem to be getting bolder.

Pan-kiosks and Dhabas remain open late into the night

Sources claimed that many pan-kiosks, dhabas, eateries and hotels falling within the jurisdiction of Jaripatka Police Station remain open and doing brisk business well late into the night. Some of the dhabas (Roadside eateries are seen selling liquor openly. Some of the police personnel can also be seen in thee eateries or pan-kiosks during the patrolling done by Jaripatka Police Station. pan-kiosks, dhabas, eateries and hotels can be seen open in Kapil Nagar, Teka Naka, Indora Square and other areas. However these eateries should close down after 12 midnight.