Published On : Mon, Jun 9th, 2014

Meghe finally bids adieu to Congress, to enter BJP on July 5 along with sons

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Owing to defeat in Lok Sabha polls in Wardha constituency and domineering attitude of local leaders former MP Datta Meghe, his son, former MLA, Sagar and City Cong former chief, Sameer have finally bid goodbye to Congress party. They will join BJP on July 5, it is learnt.

Datta Meghe in a press release said that in his 5 year tenure as MP, he tried to raise many public issues of development and issues of ryots with government but there was nobody to listen to genuine difficulties. Office bearers of the party had always rude attitude towards the common workers. He was always meted out humiliating treatment. He said due to this he could never undertake any development works or give relief to common people. Fed up with this all he has decided to quit the party.

It was with great hope that he had accepted leadership of Sonia Gandhi. Sonia and top leaders gave good treatment to him but local leaders continued to ill-treat him, he said while expressing regret.

But now situation has changed common man has great hopes in Narendra Modi’s leadership. They feel that country will prosper due to his efficient way of working.

People are confident that the changed scenario means the common man will get benefit, the development will reach up to the lowest strata of society. Meghe said that he is no different from the people who are confident of progress under Modi’s leadership. The country will make rapid strides in Modi’s regime. He said due to this and having faith in Nitin Gadkari’s vision of development, he is desirous of working under leadership of Gadkari. With this clarification he has forwarded his resignation to district chief and regional party chief.

No place for people without loyalty, asserts Manikrao Thakre 

First time after never before defeat in Lok Sabha polls, Manikrao Thakre, held talk with mediapersons. When reporters asked him about resignation of Datta Meghe, Thakre said that he has not received copy of any such letter. Thakre said, Meghe had complained to him about domineering attitude of local leaders and he was fed up with the party policies but he had advised Meghe for more patience. Thakre said if even after this advice, Meghe has chosen to resign, party is happy with it. Such opportunist people do not survive for long. People will do justice to them. If he is going it will make party clean.

Manikrao confident of success in Vidhan Sabha polls

Some wrong decisions of Congress have cost the party dearly. We were not successful in taking the good government schemes to the people. That is the reason Congress suffered defeat in Lok Sabha polls. But we have realised our mistakes and now started with new enthusiasm, he said. He was confident of Congress victory in Vidhan Sabha polls and expressed it while talking to reporters.

He said as regional head,he accepts moral responsibility for Cong defeat in Lok Sabha polls. Chief minister has also accepted his responsibility. We have realised what went wrong. Local Body Tax was main issue do to which merchants were unhappy and power supply made farmers and rural people angry with Congress. Not providing posts and appointments to workers had demoralised them. But not we are going to rectify these mistakes.

We will go from house to house with our policies, aims and objectives. This will again generate public trust for the party. The situation at the time of Lok Sabha polls was different from what it is now.

BJP was not successful in Vidhan Sabha bye elections. Thakre also pointed out that in 1977 also Congress had lost people’s mandate.

Present at press conference were City chief Vikas Thakre, Babanrao Taiwade, Lonare, Marotrao Kumbhalkar, Guddu Tiwari and others.

Cancel Local Body Tax, demands Thakre

While analysing the defeat in Lok Sabha polls, it is clear that merchants were unhappy due to Local Body Tax and rural populace due to failure to provide uninterrupted power supply. Therefore, he demanded cancellation of Local Body Tax and uninterrupted power supply for rural areas.

Unity will remain intact

For last fifteen years, Congress and National Cong have been working together. It is unity of likeminded people and parties and it will continue in future also, clarified Manikrao Thakre.

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