Medical Hospital suspends 350 protesting doctors, warns of new appointments in a week

Doctors Protest
Nagpur: The demand of deploying security force in the hospitals for their security brought suspension for 350 doctors of Medical Hospital. The doctors have been conducting a protest from October 7 against absence of security guards in the hospital. The doctors are conducting a ‘no work’ protest.

The administration of Medical Hospital has claimed that if the doctors do not return to work from Monday, a notification for appointment of new doctors will be issued.

Notably, the security guards of Maharashtra State Security Council are organising a ‘No work protest’ As a result of the same, a question has been raised on the security of doctors in Mayo hospital and Medical hospital, especially in the emergency wards. The guards have been raising demands for their services and perks for a long time now. The authority, however, has not taken any stern step in resolving these issues.

It is to be mentioned that doctors have been demanding the deployment of guards which is being overlooked by hospital authorities. Under the protest, the doctors also organised a blood donation camp in which 50 doctors donated blood.

The doctors also had a meeting with Girish Mahajan, Medical Education Minister in which no conclusion had come up. “We have sufficient number of security guards deployed in the hospital”, claimed Dr. Abhimanyu Niswade, Dean. “There 168 security guards which includes 6 armed guards, 34 from Maharashtra State Security Force, 10 policemen and 108 others”, said Mahajan.

He has also stated that there is sufficient number of doctors in the hospital and that the hospital administration has given 7 days to the doctors to return to work after which 50 new appointments will be made.

“We are planning to protest for seven days. We had organised a blood donation camp for the protest. Around 350 doctors have been suspended and even the meeting with Mahajan has had no results”, said Lajpath Agrawal, Secretary, Medical Association of Resident Doctors.