Published On : Wed, May 11th, 2016

Mayor Praveen Datke slated to become MLC

Will get elected by votes of MLAs and will go to Legislative Council

Gadkari, Datke and Fadnvis
: The present Mayor will be a full time Mayor only for a limited time. The BJP has decided to send him to the Legislative Council. If everything works well for him, then the assurances and promises made by BJP leaders to Praveen Datke will get fulfilled.

It is said that around 12 members of the Legislative Council are slated to retire. Almost everyone has become a member of the Legislative Council by winning the polls or with the votes of MLAs. During the last elections, out of the 12 MLCs most of them were from NCP-Congress party. The tenure of most of the MLCs are coming to an end by May end.

However, this time round, with the change of rule, the BJP-Shiv Sena will have a stronger position during the polls. Presently based on the number of MLAs it is for sure that the numbers will be as follows:

  1. BJP –4
  2. Shiv Sena –2
  3. Congress –1
  4. NCP –1

The remaining four seats will be of close fight. According to the present scenario, it is certain that 4 MLCs will be from BJP, and one seat is slated to be from Nagpur District.

However, this is also a fact that the only name that is being suggested is the present Mayor Praveen Datke. Sources claim that Datke is in the good books of both Union Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari as well as Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis. If everything goes as per plans, then by next month, Praveen Datke will unanimously get elected as MLC.

Sources claimed that Datke got three chances of becoming a MLA and MLC. The local leaders of BJP had given chance to Vikas Kumbhare twice and once to Girish Vyas and spoilt his chances of becoming a MLA or MLC.

Even otherwise, from the time Praveen Datke was made Mayor by BJP, he has done anything significant. Whoever goes to him for any work, he promptly asks them to contact the Leader of Ruling Party. He has not succeeded in establishing a lasting impression on the administration of Municipal Corporation and practically no one followed his instructions, orders or requests. Sources claimed that he was feeling throttled and uneasy in his position as Mayor, which is why he preferred not to sit in NMC.

If Praveen Datke gets elected as MLC, will the party hold him as Mayor too till the next NMC polls? In such conditions, how is Praveen Datke planning to do justice to both the positions. A probability is that the BJP may give an opportunity to a new face till the next polls. Only time will tell.

Who will be the next Mayor?

– By Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha( )