Published On : Tue, Mar 10th, 2015

Mayor Datke inaugurates the first bin installed by Clean Nagpur at Futala

Clean Nagpur at Futala with Mayor Datke  (1)

They were standing proudly in a row. Very pleasantly coloured pink, green and blue bins donated by the Clean Nagpur group and put up at close intervals at Futala lake side. NMC Mayor Datke was there very punctually to grace the function and make use of the first bin my throwing some trash.

“Hope people us it well and these bins make a difference to the environment and surroudings of this beautiful place” commented Datke. He was also apprehensive about the bins themselves being stolen and said his guards would be asked to keep a hawk’s eye on them.

Clean Nagpur at Futala with Mayor Datke  (2)
Speaking about the NMC’s efforts of keeping Nagpur clean, green and garbage free the Mayor said sometime he was very disillusioned by the way Nagpurians themselves treat their own city. He said despite NMC sweepers cleaning roads thoroughly every morning, often they get littered by 12 noon since the shop keepers lining the road themselves throw litter on the road.
“Time and again they have been persuaded – even warned to not do it, but they persist.” He lamented. He said Nagpur will not be clean unless and untill every citizen co operates and participates in throwing garbage in properly designated places.

Though the group of Prashen Kyawal, Rajeev Jindal, Kshitij Ingle, Shoeb Meman and Akash Katole have taken pains to collect money for the bins, buy them and get them installed, the question still remains after they are filled who will empty them?

Datke said NMC and Clean Nagpur will co ordinate with each other to get the bins emptied and cleaned at least twice a day.

Clean Nagpur at Futala with Mayor Datke  (3)
Clean Nagpur at Futala with Mayor Datke  (4)