Published On : Fri, Sep 4th, 2020

Master The Art of Reading People With Poker Games

Are you struggling with understanding the true intentions of people and making quick decisions in your professional life?


The game of Poker can help you a lot in improving your observation, logical thinking, and analytical reasoning skills.


Poker is a game of psychology. To ensure taking the best possible decisions at the game table, you have to predict the strength of your opponent’s hand and his next move.


As you need to compete against players of different levels of game knowledge, skill-set, and experience, sometimes it becomes difficult to spot the ‘tells’. Seasoned players know how to keep their emotions in control in order to stay unreadable for their fellow players.


Your understanding of human behavior helps you a lot in making a judgment about the strength of your opponent’s hand and creating a game plan against him. Although there are various methods to get the truth out of someone such as observing body language, facial expressions, hand gestures, etc, there are some psychological tricks you can use to make them reveal their secrets to you.


It may sound complicated, but in reality, it is not as challenging as you might assume.

Regardless of whether you play offline or online games, you can use your awareness of your fellow players’ playing style and betting patterns to read their minds. If your opponent gets motivated by emotions like anger, anxiety, or frustration easily, you may find it easy to pick up clues from his behavior.


Here are some ‘tried-n-tested’ hacks that can help you extract your desired information from people –


  • Ego Massage


This technique works well against both experienced and amateurs who love to have compliments and attention. By praising them and making them feel good about themselves, you can get into their thought process to gain a psychological advantage over others.


  • Make People Comfortable With You


This process starts at the beginning of the game. If your opponent is a newbie, the best way to understand their gameplay is by offering them suggestions about how to improve their strategies effectively. You can introduce them to other players on the table and ask them if there are any problems and issues they face playing the hands. Just by being friendly, you can get valuable insights about what type of player they are (loose/tight/passive/aggressive) and what type of hands they prefer to play.


  • Engage Them in Chit-chat


Make your opponents talk. By going into a conversation, you can get important information about their gameplay. Some players deliberately avoid chit-chat to keep themselves away from unintentionally revealing anything about their strengths and weaknesses. The experienced players who understand this strategy sometimes give false information about their hand while talking in order to confuse and mislead other players and make them enter the pot with their weak hands. It is important to know how to find out whether your opponent is really confiding in you or just trying to confuse you.


Select any of the above-mentioned methods to get readings of your opponent’s hand strength and improve your possibilities of making the right decisions.  Also, make sure you never give them a single clue that you are trying to get information from them about their gameplay.


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