Published On : Fri, Oct 29th, 2021

Markets dazzle with vivid varieties for Diwali shoppers in Orange City

Nagpur: As the Festival of Lights draws nearer, markets in Nagpur are abuzz with shoppers as they go on a shopping spree to buy gold, clothes, decorative and other essential items.

Shopkeepers too have brought out displays of traditional as well fancy lamps for Diwali. Markets as well as roadside stalls have stocked a variety of diyas (earthen lamps) to meet the demand and aesthetics of different kinds of customers.

Major markets in Orange City are abuzz with festive activity with people making purchases for Diwali. Sweets or “mithai” tops the list of items that are gifted on Diwali. Several sweet shops-cum-restaurants have cleared their dining spaces and filled it with rows of sweets of every conceivable variety. Differently coloured and delicious smelling, sweets would find many takers.

While Diwali is synonymous with firecrackers, over the years their usage has dipped owing to the ban imposed by the Supreme Court and sustained campaigns because of their harmful effects on the environment. Still those who feel that a Diwali sans crackers is incomplete, go for their choice of crackers despite curbs. Police in Nagpur have banned bursting of the traditional crackers but have allowed green crackers. Only the time will tell whether the enthusiastic kids and aged as well follow the police diktat.

While the festive feel might be somewhat lacking due to the coronavirus restrictions, the fervour is slowly and steadily beginning to set in. People would start shopping a month before Diwali. And, a fortnight before the festive period starts, there would be no space to even set a foot in markets.

All jewellers are expecting some good business on Dhanteras. They are hoping that the customers will come out in big numbers. Coupled with the wedding season, which is almost round the corner, Dhanteras is considered the best time to buy wedding finery and gifts at a discounted rate. Malls too have geared up for the festive day with offers to attract customers. Boards announcing huge discounts have been put outside most shops.

The special attraction of Diwali – Rangoli – is on the display in vivid colours at markets as well as roadside stalls. Womenfolk have started decorating yards of their homes with attractive Rangolis in a sort of competition with neighbouring women.