Published On : Fri, Jan 15th, 2016

Manza menace continues in the city


Nagpur: In spite of thousands of articles and news which appeared in various vernacular and English languages, many unscrupulous people fly kites on the road. Often they leave the Manja lying unattended causing grave injuries to two-wheeler riders.

The day started with a man escaping a fatal accident on Ghat road on January 15, 2016. The victim identified as Parishit Phirke who is working as Sales Executive with Roopam Sarees Showroom was going to the Showroom plying his Honda two-wheeler. On Ghat road, suddenly, a Manja draped around his neck and in order to avoid getting injured by the Manja, he veered his vehicle. However, he slipped and fell down. A car which was coming from the rear practically screeched to halt or the victim would have definitely been run over. The victim escaped with a few scratches and aberrations while his two-wheeler incurred scratches, breaking of rear-view mirror and indicator.

Letting Manja loose
Yes one should enjoy kite flying and should take active part in the youthful endeavours. However, one should be conscientious, sensitive and responsible for the other citizens too. Why do most accidents occur because of Manja, is simply because, after the kite gets cut off by other kite-flyers, the kite flies off or drifts off? However, the Manja falls down. While some people diligently roll back the manja, others try to roll back and if the Manja gets entangled somewhere, they just break it off letting the Manja cause grave danger to some life.

Places and roads to avoid
Some of the very risky roads which should be strictly avoided especially by two-wheelers are the flyovers. The Panchpaoli flyover is one such flyover where one could encounter many such Manja lying on the road or entangled on the girders of the flyovers. Since the entire area is congested and youth and children flying kites from the roofs, the broken kite along with some Manja lands on the flyover.

Protect yourself
It is necessary for every two-wheeler to tie a scarf around the neck to avoid getting garroted by the Manja. Don’t panic and before making any sharp turns or applying breaks, ensure that no four-wheeler is coming from the rear. The driver of the four-wheeler may not realize why you have applied sudden break.

Other problems include
• The broken kite which has a significant length of string attached with it floats away anywhere.
• The street urchins, boys of poor families run like maniacs to catch the kites (to enjoy free kite) without bothering to see where they are running (road or anywhere else). All that they have the eyes on is the kite floating from the sky. Many accidents have occurred on the road, many kids have fallen from the roof, into the well etc.
• What is more alarming is the innocent road user, who is busy riding his two-wheeler to college or office, unmindful of the danger of a Manja which is laying in wait for him or her. The Manja gets entangled in the body, many a time, it defaces or mars the face, severs neck veins etc since the string or Manja is practically invisible.

However, this year the mood and the Kite frenzy is seen to be on a low note. On previous years, one could get-up from the bed listening to the loud war-cries of Oooo Kaaat or Katleeeee… This is also accompanied by speakers spewing loud music on the victory of severing another kite using the dexterity and skill of kite flying.

By Samuel Gunasekharan.