Published On : Wed, Jan 8th, 2014

Many eyeing AAP as gateway to enter poll fray; membership drive gains momentum

aap-nagpurNagpur News.

With the roaring success of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Delhi elections, AAP fever has gripped every nook and corner of the country and Nagpur is no exception. Recently, more than 18,000 Nagpurians took the membership of AAP and pledged to work selflessly for the ‘aam aadmi’. However, many are eyeing the membership as an easy gateway to get the Lok Sabha tickets from the party.

Sources informed that, after the huge success of the party in Delhi, workers who were active since the formation of the party have started concentrating on the membership drive in the city. These partymen had repeatedly launched agitations against NMC, NIT and privatisation of power in the city. The first membership drive witnessed the enrolment of more than 18,000 citizens and the party may have a strong image in the coming Lok Sabha elections. However, to compete with national parties like Congress and BJP, AAP will have to gather at least six times more the members they garnered from the first drive. Otherwise, the party will be as good as BSP and other parties that do not hold much power.  AAP needs to concentrate more on the membership drives in order to be in the race of Lok Sabha elections.

AAP could also form a vigilance team to review the behaviour of its newly-selected members and it would also help the members to perform their duties towards the common man. The dates for Lok Sabha elections will be declared in the week of January or first week of February and elections will take place within 45 days after declaration of dates. Thus, AAP would need to prove the mettle of the members. AAP will be back in their agitation mode most likely in this week or the next week.

It is interesting to learn that the rules AAP has formed to become member of the party are very simple. Any member could demand for a ticket from the party without proving his/her work towards the party or for the common man. The rules include – any person desiring to be a part of AAP must be a ‘aam aadmi’. People having strong social status would be considered only when they work for the welfare of ‘aam aadmi’ without any personal gains.

AAP needs to take a strong stand against problems of bus, electricity bills, water, and privatisation of various other facilities, fraud social workers, privatisation of NMC’s traffic park. Hotels and restaurants without having proper fire safety measures need special attention of AAP. Strong agitations are needed against illegal selling of LPG and selling of liquor even after the defined time especially on dry day. If AAP succeeds in solving any of these problems then it would see a positive result in the Lok Sabha elections.

Sources informed that an executive meeting was held on January 5-6 to review the above-mentioned issues and soon agitations should be declared in this regard.

AAP should form a centralise office and daily press releases should be issued to avoid the increasing misconceptions about the party.

Following are the suggestions AAP should follow to witness similar roaring success in Lok Sabha elections

a)      Focus on ward problems

b)      Understanding of NMC and NIT working

c)       Consistent membership drives

d)      Focussing on burning issues of the city

e)      Giving priorities to the needs of common man

f)       Taking review of the state and national-level schemes for common man

g)      Banning the school autorickshaws using LPG

h)      Forming a 11 member vigilance team