Published On : Mon, Sep 14th, 2015

Manoj died due to Wockhardt staff’s apathy, not by drowning at farm house’s swimming pool


The apathy of Wockhardt Hospital staff in handling a critical patient brought straight from the infamous farmhouse near Kalmeshwar road after he slipped into swimming pool, had led to his death. While this may shock you into rethinking the old theory surrounding the death of 27 year old Manoj Katgaye who was reportedly died after drowning in the pool, this fresh revelation came as a major twist in the tale.

It may be mentioned here that Katgaye too drowned at Siraj Sheikh’s farmhouse on September 8 while partying with friends. The panicked friends of Manoj took him to Wockhardt Hospital located near Shankar Nagar Square in Nagpur. At the Hospital, certain staffers first ordered them to deposit money at cash counter before administering any treatment to Manoj. Several pleadings by the friends went unheard. When Manoj was being taken to another hospital he died midway, sources said.

Hospital played ignorant
The boy’s death could have been lying in cold storage but for Purva’s death and a wide-publicity it derived. However, in the boy’s death, the relatives and other friends not only sought action against the tainted owner of the farmhouse Siraj Sheikh, who is already in custody for Purva’s death, but targeted the Wockhardt Hospital for its senseless attitude and utter negligence. Had the Wockhardt Hospital acted swiftly and responsibly, the precious life of the boy could have been saved, charged the relatives. They said that the boy was alive for four hours but the alleged irresponsible actions of the hospital staffers proved fatal.

Birthday bash turned into tragedy
On September 8, the deceased, Manoj Vasudeo Katgaye (27) and some of his friends went to Siraj Sheikh’s “famous” farmhouse near Kalmeshwar to celebrate birthday of one of their friends. The birthday party reached its tempo with wining and dancing at peak as the night passed. According to Dinesh Katgaye, elder brother of Manoj, the partying friends splashed into the swimming pool around 2.30 in the wee hours and so also Manoj. However, the swimming friends soon realized that Manoj was not to be seen anywhere in the pool. Some friends spotted him gasping at the bottom of the pool. Manoj was immediately pulled out.

Manoj Katgaye

Manoj Katgaye

Manoj was very much alive!
At that time Manoj had shown signs of life, claimed Dinesh while talking to Nagpur Today on Monday. Dinesh Katgaye further told Nagpur Today that the farmhouse of Siraj Sheikh has swimming pool but no security measures such as guards and no first aid kits as well are in place. The worried friends of Manoj took him to Wockhardt Hospital located near Shankar Nagar Square in Nagpur around 4.30 in the morning. At the Hospital, the friends were taken aback when certain staffers including the receptionist and doctor(s) first ordered them to deposit money at cash counter. The friends pleaded to the staffers that the money will be deposited at right time and they should start treatment to Manoj. However, the doctor and the receptionist first ordered them to deposit the money and even summoned cops from Ambazari Police Station. Two cops namely Rathod and Sathe arrived at the hospital and rudely told the friends to either deposit the money or take the patient to some other hospital, claimed Dinesh.

According to Dinesh Katgaye and other relatives including mother, at that time Manoj was struggling and gasping and even uttering some words to his friends. However, when Manoj was not administered any treatment by the Wockhardt Hospital the friends decided to take him to another hospital. No ambulance was provided by the hospital, claimed Dinesh. Deteriorating Manoj was finally taken to a hospital in Dhantoli but it proved very late. Manoj died midway, said the relatives.

CCTV footage reveals all
While talking to Nagpur Today, Dinesh summarily held the farmhouse owner Siraj Sheikh, the Wockhardt Hospital staffers and even police responsible for Manoj’s death. Dinesh said the tantrums and careless actions of Wockhardt Hospital during the treatment of Manoj have been captured by the CCTV cameras installed in the hospital. (The “CCTV footage” and some mobile clips have been handed over to Nagpur Today). Dinesh further said that he will not keep quiet and knock the doors of courts. Manoj’s death will not go unheard, said he. He unequivocally demanded strictest actions against farmhouse owner Siraj Sheikh, who is also Director of BCN Channel, the Wockhardt Hospital and even police for their extremely irresponsible attitude.

It is gathered that the deceased was youngest among four siblings. He was working as Supervisor in a private company.

Wockhardt remained unresponsive
Despite repeated questioning in this regard, none of the staff at Wockhardt was willing to utter anything over the issue. Nagpur Today tried contacting the hospital staff but all attempts failed to derive any version from the staff.