Published On : Thu, Jan 12th, 2017

Manja Menace : Chandrapur girl survives miraculously after 4 deep cuts on neck


Nagpur/Chandrapur: A teenage girl from Chandrapur in Vidarbha had to pay the price for no fault of her on Wednesday when she four deep cuts on her throat inflicted upon by a sharp coated manja.
The incident happened on on Tuesday evening.

Sapna Sonakar (18) was fortunate to get timely medical help which saved her life. Social and wildlife activists are already crying foul over the inaction on part of the police and civic administration against coated and Chinese manja in the city.

Sapna, a resident of Mahakali collieries, is a first year graduation student and aspires to join the police force. She was heading for her routine pre-recruitment exercise on her moped in the evening, when a sharp manja got entangled in her neck all of a sudden near Jaishreya Club on bypass road.

As she tried free her neck, the manja yanked by the kite flyer inflicted four deep cuts on her throat within a few seconds.

“Blood was gushing out from my slashed throat and my entire dress got soaked in it. I started feeling dizzy due to loss of blood, when onlookers rushed to my rescue. Among onlookers was a friend of my brother, who immediately called my home from my cell phone and summoned by parents,” Sapna said.

She claimed that a youth was flying the kite across the state highway and the manja got entangled in her neck when the kite suddenly plunged.

Sapna was immediately rushed to surgeon Dr Ashok Bhukte, who in turn referred her to ENT surgeon Dr Manish Mudhada.
“It was a close shave. There are four critical cuts on her throat. However, the blood flow had stopped as Sapna smartly wrapped her scarf around her wound immediately. The wounds are long from one ear to the other and very close to the jugular vein. But had the jugular vein severed, she would have died of excessive bleeding,” Dr Mundhada said.