Published On : Mon, Oct 3rd, 2016

Manappuram Gold Heist : Nagpur coal mines area on police radar

Manappuram Gold

Nagpur: The city crime branch is probing the Nagpur connection of Bihari Gang, suspected to have looted 31 kg gold, valued at Rs 9.50 crore, from the Jaripatka branch of Manappuram Gold Loan company. Sources informed that coal mines surrounding Nagpur are on police radar. It is rumored that criminals from these areas with connections in Bihar, are also being closely monitored. After committing the daring heist at Manappuram finance company, the dacoits escaped on black bikes through Ring Road towards Koradi. They might have dumped the bikes somewhere midway and proceeded in a second escape vehicle.

The photographs from CCTV footage are the best piece of evidence police has presently. According to information, criminals resembling Nagpur dacoits, recently looted a bank in Raipur. Also the mug shots of recently released criminals from Raipur jail, also closely resemble Nagpur dacoits.Separate teams of city police have been sent to Bihar via Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh.

Since it is nearly impossible for an outside gang to carry out such a brazen crime in Nagpur, police suspect that the dacoits first combed the area around Manappuram company before planning the attack.It is learnt that a suspect has been taken into custody in Mumbai in this case.