Published On : Thu, Jun 12th, 2014

Man kills wife suspecting her fidelity in Nagpur rural

Another 27-year-old youth murdered for spoiling sister’s life.

Murder-3Nagpur News.

While Nagpur city witnesses brutal murders of three persons, the rural area too witnessed brutal murders of two people. One man murdered his wife suspecting her fidelity and burnt the body in Aroli Police Station jurisdiction. In another case, a 27 year-old youth was murdered by three accused for spoiling the life of the sister of one of the accused in Valni Chankapur in Khaperkheda area. The rural police have arrested three accused for the brutal murder of the two victims.

According to police sources, Vivek Gulabrao Palatkar always suspected the character of his 26-year-old wife. There used to be frequent quarrel between the couple over her fidelity often. On Wednesday, June 11, 2014 too, a fierce wordy duel ensued between the couple and enraged by this the husband Vivek Gulabrao Palatkar took one of the legs of a cot and brutally hit on the wife’s head, killing her on the spot. When Vivek realized that he has killed his wife by hitting her, he got scared and decided to eliminate the body of the wife. After planning for long, when darkness set in, he took the body of his wife to the fields and piled hay over the body and set fire to the fire. However, the burning of the body was discovered the next day and the police arrested Vivek Gulabrao Palatkar.

In the second case, accusing a 27-year-old youth of spoiling the life of his sister, Amit Singh alias Golu Singh Chawhan along with his friends Potti Suryavanshi, Bhim Shridhar Pal murdered his brother-in-law Ramesh alias Token Singh Dhurve aged 27 years. The Khaparkheda Police has arrested Amit Singh and Potti Suryavanshi and is interrogating them thoroughly.