Published On : Mon, Jan 4th, 2016

Man booked for murder of 3-month old puppy!

Nagpur: This has happened only the second time in the history of Nagpur crime. A case of a dog’s murder has been registered with Tehsil Police Station in the city. The earlier one was registered at Lakadganj. In the instant case, a 3-month old puppy was killed by a man in the cruel manner. The mute animal was smashed on the ground repeatedly until its death.

According to details, a good Samaritan Ankit Saurkar, resident of Lata Kunj, Sudam Road, Itwari, had a few days ago brought a stray puppy to his house and reared it very fondly. Ankit, it is learnt, is a bullion trader by profession. The puppy, with love and care of Saurkar family, grew rapidly and attained the age of three months. However, on Sunday afternoon, the tragedy struck the puppy and Saurkar family as well. The accused, Rambhau Wadyalkar, a neighbor of Saurkars, picked up the puppy and smashed and dashed it on the ground repeatedly and ferociously that too in front of Ankit’s mother. The three-month puppy died instantly. The absurd reason put forward y accused Rambhau Wadyalkar for killing the puppy is that it had bitten his granddaughter. On the other hand, Ankit said that the puppy struck back in defence when the granddaughter of Wadyalkar slapped it while playing. The puppy’s bite angered Wadyalkar so much that he picked up small animal and ‘murdered’ him in the wicked manner. Another report says that a dispute was running between Saurkar and Wadyalkar families and the accused, in order to settle score a point or two, targeted the puppy.

Outraged over his dear puppy’s death, Ankit immediately contacted animal lover and activist Karishma Gilani and narrated the episode to her. Karishma too reached the spot and advised Ankit to lodge a complaint with Tehsil Police Station. Both went to the police and urged them to register a dog’s murder case. Taken aback by the request, the cops first pondered over the case. But finally, the cops booked the accused Rambhau Wadyalkar under Section 429 of Animal Cruelty (Prevention) Act.

The initial report of autopsy said that the puppy died of severe brain injuries.