Published On : Tue, Sep 13th, 2016

Male modeling is not a bed of roses! Kanak

kanakMale models too have made a niche for themselves in the field of Modeling. Different qualities define male models. Right from a good physique to the way they carry themselves in different male attire, a good model is supposed to appeal to the male as well as female audience.

What started in western countries trickled down to India as well and it started in the fashion capital of India-Mumbai and slowly spread to other metro cities. One can see many Cricketers and athletes doing modeling for shaving creams and other products. Many young guys have used this as a stepping stone to get into television serials and soon into Bollywood movies.

Nagpur Today ( NT ) had a tête-à-tête with one such Male Model Kanak Bhowmik. Hailing from Nagpur city, Kanak has made a niche for himself in the field of Modeling. While speaking to NT, Kanak said that his career in Modeling was not a bed of roses. Right from the start, things were hard. He had long periods of wait till he was selected to walk the ramp or model for some product.  Kanak Bhowmik, the young male model aged 24 years and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Raisoni College Management is currently making his name in modeling industry. This young and passionate model was recently seen in Mr. India Manhunt International organized by Bir Kaur Dhillon and Hp Gill. Mr. India Manhunt International is one of the oldest beauty pageants of the country. Kanak Bhowmik was one of the top 5 finalists of Mr. India Manhunt International. He also won sub contest title “Mr. Model”.

NT: What are the qualities required to become a male model?

Kanak: According to me, a male model should be able to carry himself elegantly in the outfit which is given to him.

NT: How do you de-stress yourself?

Kanak: By rigorous workout and playing guitar.

NT: Is acting on your bucket list?

Kanak: I never thought for it as yet. I just want to focus on modeling.

NT: What are your strengths?

Kanak: Apart from brains and brawns, I practice perseverance and have a perpetual hunger for improvement.

NT: What are you weaknesses?

Kanak: A lot of thinking (some positive while others negative thoughts).

NT:  What is the best thing about being a male model?

Kanak: You get to experiment with your looks every now and then. To get captured in different avatars is the best part of a male model.

NT: What is your fitness regime??

Kanak: I alternatively switch between weight training and cardio/core, One day its weight training then next it will be Cardio and core.

NT: What are your views and experiences about male modeling scene in India?

Kanak: When it comes to male modeling in India, there is a big stereotype mentality which is taking rounds. According to many, there is an invisible shelf life of a male model which can start at any age and lasts till the age of 27 or 28 maximum. However, I want to change this stereotype mentality.

As told to Swati Gan: Pics by Shubham Kamble