Published On : Thu, Jul 23rd, 2015

Major WhatsApp updates for Android: Check out the 3 new features!

Seems like the WhatsApp team is all charged up! Download the latest WhatsApp for Android (v.2.12.194) and you will find exciting new features designed for your convenience.

Here are the three latest features:

Mark as Unread option:

You can now mark conversations as unread so as to give you a visual reminder in case you want to respond to your contacts later. Long pressing the conversation will pull up a menu showing you the ‘Mark as Unread‘ option below the archive chat, delete chat, email chat options.

Custom Notifications:

Another new feature is the Custom Notifications which will be seen below the Media section of your chat settings, along with mute chat. Custom Notifications option lets you select tones, vibration length, light, popup notifications, call ringtone, among others.So now you can assign a custom notification tone for each contact or group, which will help you distinguish between important and unnecessary messages.

Low Data usage option:

In case you are on a very limited data plan, enabling this option would help you save the bytes. With the new update you can get the Low Data usage option for voice calls on cellular data networks. You can also check the amount of data sent out and received by WhatsApp in case you are monitoring your data usage. Go to WhatsApp settings page to access this option. There’s also a big hint to an upcoming feature – backup whatsapp data on Google Drive.

As for platforms like iOS, Windows, Blackberry and Symbian, we do hope Whatsapp updates these new features on them too!