Published On : Mon, Jul 22nd, 2019

Maharashtra Stands First in Surging ATM Frauds, Delhi Follows: RBI Data

New Delhi: A data released by the Reserve Bank Of India revealed that Maharashtra has witnessed the highest number of ATM fraud cases in the country followed by Delhi, stated a report. While 233 bank fraud cases were registered in Maharashtra alone, Delhi reported 179 such cases in 2018-19.

Banks dealing with fraudulent cases amounting to a sum of Rs 1 lakh and more reported the matter to the RBI. As per reports, while people from Delhi have lost around Rs 2.9 crore money in ATM frauds cases, those from Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu have lost a larger sum of money at Rs 4.81 crore and Rs 3.63 crore, respectively.

In 2017-18, three states namely Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura did not report a single case of ATM fraud. However, the country as a whole witnessed an increase in ATM fraud cases from 911 to 980. In Delhi alone, the banks reported a loss of Rs 2.8 crore in 2017-18, while the money lost across the nation in that year amounted to Rs 65.3 crore.

According to police and cyber crime experts, the ATM thefts that were below the sum of 1 lakh were not taken into account while calculating the data. They added that fraudsters were able to steal the other people’s money with the help of ATMs and debit cards. For instance, the fraudsters copy data from other people’s card by installing skimmer devices on ATMs and point-of-sale machines. They target gullible people at the ATMs, especially where the security is inadequate.

Sometimes, fraudsters pose as customer-care agents of banks and trick people to hack their confidential information. Thus, the Delhi Police’s Cyber Prevention Awareness and Detection (CyPAD) centre are currently dealing with such cases to bring down the number of cyber crime cases.