Maharashtra announces stricter COVID-19 curbs: Cap on marriage gatherings, new rules for offices [DETAILS]

Mumbai: In an attempt to stem the rise in coronavirus cases, the Maharashtra government on Wednesday announced stricter COVID-19 curbs.

Maharashtra coronavirus guidelines

People to be stamped for inter-city and inter-district travel on alighting

All government offices (State, Central, under local authority) to operate only with 15 per cent attendance except for emergency services directly connected to the management of COVID 19 pandemic. Other essential services office also to have 15% staff or 5 people whichever is less.

Private vehicles not allowed without valid reason

Inter-district buses to inform DMA about schedule and stoppages

14 day quarantine if traveling intercity or inter district

The marriage ceremony may be conducted only as a single event in a single hall not extending beyond 2 hours with a maximum of a total of 25 persons attending the same. Any family seen to be flaunting the restraints or not following these in letter and spirit may be fined Rs 50000/-, and any location that is misused or is defaulting in the spirit of the restrictions shall be closed till the promulgation of Covid 19 as a disaster remains in force.

Private Passenger transport excluding buses can ply only for emergency or essential services or valid reasons with driver plus of the seating capacity. These are not expected to be inter-district or inter-city and should be confined to the city of residence Of the travellers. Inter-district or inter-city travel is allowed only if required for performing an essential service or in case of medical emergencies or attending unavoidable events like funerals or severe sickness of family. Anyone flouting the order in letter or spirit shall be punishable by fine of Rs 10000/-.

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