Published On : Thu, Jul 9th, 2015

Mahagenco KTPS running in loss!


Nagpur: Maharashtra Electricity Generation Company (Mahagenco) which is responsible for electricity generation at Koradi Termal Power Station (KTPS) is running in a loss of Rs 70 crore worth power generation. It is because of well calculated delay of one-and-a-half years in the expansion work of KTPS. As on this date, Mahagenco needs 20,000 MW electricity generation but it has only 13,000 to 14,000 MW electricity. It is facing the daily demand of 1 to 1.5 MW electricity because of growing construction of buildings and factories all over the region and the state.

According to sources, at present the electricity generation project work of 3×660 MW worth Rs 12,000 crores is ongoing, with 20% funding from Maharashtra government and 80% borrowings from Power Finance Corporation. The work includes installation of boilers and turbine generator (work entrusted to L&T company on September 23, 2009); construction of 275 metres high chimney, cooling tower, ash-handling plant, oil plant and water treatment plant (work assigned to M/s Lanco Infratech Limited, Gurgaon on July 27, 2010).

As per the agreement in the contract vide invited tenders, the work of boiler house foundation was to be completed by January 11, 2011  while its high pressure testing was to be completed by 19 February, 2013. Similarly, the work of commissioning of boilers was to be completed by May 22, 2013, that of rolling and coal-firing by Sept 23, 2013, and full fledged electricity generation (660 MW) was to start by December 21, 2013, all relating to plant No. 8, but no functioning as yet.

Further, the plant No. 9 was to start functioning by May 21, 2014 and plant No. 10 was to function from December 21, 2014, but their functioning is reportedly lying in cold storage, all due to alleged lethargy on the part of the then chief engineer Pankaj Sapate and his alleged nexus with the construction companies.
As revealed by Mahagenco sources, the Energy Ministry is showing its keenness in contracts rather than power generation, and the top brasses of Mahagenco are working under pressure. Many of them are intending to leave the job, but they are in a state of dilemma as they are under personal debts, and so they cannot easily leave job and go away. It is alleged that certain elements do black-mailing by claiming themselves as the self-styled assistants or secretaries to the energy minister, but it is difficult to expose them.

Mahagenco has borrowed Rs 6512 crores from Power Finance Corporation to complete the aforesaid project. The borrowings could have been repaid if the functioning of plants had started in time. But the delay of one-and-a-half years has made Mahagenco much indebted, all under political influence and exploitation. Now, the question is as to who should be held accountable for such a delay and rising burden of interest on borrowings.

Sources informed that the Mahagenco is being controlled by rowdies and political touts, and they are said to be bent upon putting the company into severe loss as well as infamy. They also want to hand over the KTPS to private sector. A severe irregularity is being committed in the field employment as well. Under their pressure, the 80% share of employment has gone to the unemployed of other states while 20% share is being given to locals. The so called unsocial elements cash their interest in lakhs of rupees from out-of-state employees under their coercive tactics, it is further alleged.

 – Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( )