Maha Metro to construct pocket tracks in all corridors


Nagpur Metro Coachs

Nagpur: With a view to avoid any disruption of running of trains, Maha Metro Nagpur is all set to construct pocket tracks in all four corridors. Pocket track is essentially a side track, which is used to stable a train, in case of any mechanical breakdown of train. This track helps in restoring Metro train service on both corridors.

While work on Nagpur project is going on a steady pace, other alternate measures are also being taken. The measures are aimed at not just providing facilities to train passengers, but also to avoid traffic disruption in case of emergencies. While Segmental Girder is routinely used for laying of up and down track for Metro trains; I Girder is essentially used for constructing `Pocket Track’ s well as track for both up and down lines.

Normally, Metro trains ply on Up and Down tracks. However, a third track – Pocket Track is constructed for emergency purposes. Trains unable to move stranded due to mechanical breakdown are pulled with the help of battery operated power engine. The train is then taken and parked on Pocket Track to avoid disruption of traffic. The train is then taken to depot for repairs during night hours, when train traffic is at its minimal.

Length of Pocket Track is 100 meters. Pocket track is an essential feature to ensure that passengers are not stranded due to train breakdown. Such tracks are being constructed in all four Reaches of Maha Metro Nagpur. In Reach-I which stretches from Khapri Metro Station to Munje Square junction, Pocket track is being constructed near Rahate Colony station.

Similarly in Reach-III, which starts at Munje Square and ends at Lokmanya Nagar, similar track has been constructed near Rachna Metro Station. Similar Pocket tracks would also be constructed in Reach-II and Reach-IV at a later stage. These tracks in four corridors would go a long way in preventing traffic disruption in any eventuality arising out of mechanical failure.