Maha Metro Nagpur Installs Solar Signals on Busy City Junctions

Nagpur: Taking a serious view of the traffic snarls on roads, Maha Metro Nagpur in association with Traffic Department of city police has installed solar signals at some of the most important and busy city junctions. The installation of traffic signals would go a long way is decongesting roads and streamlining vehicular traffic in the city. Solar traffic signals had to be installed as electricity-operated signals were rendered non-functional at some of the squares. These signals are easy to install and operate and have hence been installed. Geetanjali Square, Telephone Exchange, Hingna and Ambazari T-Point, Kamthi Road are some of the locations where solar traffic signals have been installed.

The number of solar signals is likely to be increased as per requirement. Installation of solar traffic signals, were among the series of measures taken by Maha Metro Nagpur, in association with traffic police department to solve traffic-related issues. As part of this endeavor, a meeting of senior Maha Metro Nagpur officials and Traffic department was held. The meeting was held to enhance co-ordination between officials of the two bodies.

The meeting was attended by Chief Project Managers and other officials of Maha Metro Nagpur and Traffic department officials. Maha Metro Nagpur Chief Project Managers (CPMs) Devendra Ramtekkar (Reach-I), Mahadev Swamy (Reach-II), R Arun Kumar (Reach-III) and M Suresh (Reach-IV), GM (Electrical) Paunikar, DCP (Traffic) Ravindra Singh Pardeshi and other officials from both the departments.

The meeting discussed some of the major issues including diversion of roads where construction work is in progress, installing road dividers wherever required, to fill pot holes on the roads. The meeting took some major decisions including removal of material, if any, placed on footpaths to enable pedestrians to use it, removing barricades wherever possible for proper traffic flow and erecting speed breakers. The officials of two departments undertook combined inspection of busy roads and traffic junctions in the four Reach. DCP Pardeshi, all the four CPMs, Engineers, Police Inspectors of the concerned area, Contractors and others were part of the teams, which undertook this inspection. The delegation also took some spot decisions aimed at improving the traffic flow.