Published On : Fri, Jul 29th, 2016

Love Victim – a novel for true lovers who relish twists and turns

Hemali Adhiya and Rajesh Kumar.

Hemali Adhiya and Rajesh Kumar.

: We Indians are born romantics. Fair to blame rain songs or Shah Rukh Khan movies or the symbol of love Taj Mahal, which was built by Shah Jahan for his beautiful wife Mumtaz Mahal. You must have heard many love stories and of course you love them too. But every love story has struggle, compromise and lot of twists and turns behind them similar with the novel Love Victim.

If you love to read love stories then Love Victim is a good read for you. The title sounds quite interesting and so is the book. This beautiful novel is written by Rajesh Kumar and has been edited by Hemali Adhiya from Nagpur.

The Author Rajesh Kumar, who hails from Patna, Bihar, is an IT professional currently working as an IT scale two officer in a Bank. He also holds a degree in computer science and engineering from GTU and completed his schooling from Sainik School, Tilaiya. While the editor, Hemali Adhiya, who passed out from CDS School Nagpur and then did her 12th from Hislop College Nagpur,  holds an honors degree in English and is currently teaching English in a leading school in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They have worked in Rose audio visuals in two serials, “Kahi Suni Myths and Legends of India” and “Jhalli Anjalli”. Apart from that they have been assistant director in the movie Dolly ki Doli produced by Arbaaz Khan Productions. Both of them are passionate about creativity and writing and together aim to entertain readers across the globe with Rajesh Kumar’s excellent ideas and content and Hemali Adhiya’s love for English language and editing.

Love Victim
The story of ‘Love Victim’ certainly is a new-age melodramatic tale of two individuals fighting for their true love. But what makes this story heart-wrenching is how somewhere in the middle of young, passionate and intense feelings between two lovers comes the realities of the bitter we live in our societies today. Love, then comes to be understood as a platonic feeling shared by individuals living apart, and not just merely feelings of loving together in physical intimacy.

Amidst the romantic, sensual and passionate emotions of two lovers, this story showcases some bitter truths of the world we live in, demonstrating the power of one man’s ego over the other and the unfortunate fatality of innocent lives involved. Though this story bears no resemblance to any person living or dead, the fate of their love compels one to consider and repudiate the atrocities of the present day societal pressures. Bearing no gender bias to the destiny of love, this story swells the mind to question the agony, dread and suffering of two individuals simply seeking to live a life together.

‘Love Victim’ is a heart-wrenching debut channeling a melodramatic journey of two lovers. Nishkarsh and Barkha in their late 20’s fall in sweet love and share their romantic moments in a journey full of twists and turns. This typical 21st century love meanders through a series of unexpected ghastly moments because little did they realize that life had planned it quite the opposite of their passionate love.