Published On : Thu, Aug 15th, 2013
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Love for nation and country free of corruption is the call of the youth on Independence Day

Photo by Nishant Wagh

Nagpur News: The fresh season of Independence Day is here again to grace the Orange City. The youth of Nagpur has always present their spirits high in enjoying their share of liberty .But how much of liberty is too much and which direction the air of liberty must flow?

NagpurToday got to interact with few of the youth freedom enthusiasts in the City and sought to know what they are looking forward to and their views on Independence day.

“Independence from corruption is the need of the hour and it will be a true Independence for our Country. The fire and patriotism that Bhagat Singh had  should instill in the youth of today ,he was a youth when he sacrificed his life for the country. ‘The youth in our country is not using their liberty properly and the Government is not using the youth properly.’ Genuine love for nation used to reflect in our childhood Independence day celebration. Now for the people it is the day for movies , youth recklessly riding their vehicles on the road and waving flags and the next day we see our National flags lying on the roads and it is not good,” said Shital Nilatkar, student of Journalism.


Ishant Tembhurne  BE graduate from Shankarrao Dhawad Engineering College said, “ Celebrating Independence Day in childhood was a very exciting, the enthusiasm of going to school buying National flag and singing the National Anthem used to fill us with Patriotic feeling. Now all that is gone away, only sheer roaming on the streets and shouting slogans with no real meaning attached to it. The youth of today looks forward to our Nation free of Corruption. The youth seek attention from the society and Government towards their needs and liberty. ”he added that his favourite freedom fighter is Bhagat Singh and favourite patriotic song is AR.Rehman’s ‘Maa tujhe salaam’.

Also sharing views with NT about Independence Day and about the Nation, Pranit Thakre 3rd year Engineering student said, “Our Nation should be such that you would not feel like going abroad and work. The Nation should grow economically as well as Patriotically. Our’s is the Nation of peace and harmony and we should live by it. My inspiration is Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekanand. I remember celebrating Independence Day in School the excitement of singing National Anthem with all, the feeling was just awesome. But Nowdays people are forgetting the manners of celebrating this great day. My favourite Patriotic song is ‘mera rang de basanti chola’.”

Aniket Shingne studying in year ,  ,remembers his childhood Independence Day and his father bringing  National flag for him. The thrill of giving speech on the stage. Compulsory attendance ,the feeling was just something else. I miss those days and I make it a point I visit my school atleast once in every three years. In college it is not even conveyed that there is a flag hoisting or some programme on this occasion. We should not forget our Indian culture which is the best in the world. ‘Ae mere watan ke logo is my favourite Patriotic song , I admire Bhagat singh.” Added Aniket.