Published On : Fri, Aug 9th, 2013
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Long weekend for govt. officials; worrisome for citizens in Nagpur

Nagpur News:

The Friday. Saturday, and Sunday have brought a “fun-for-all” situation for a specific lot, the Government, both Central and the State, servants, and a “pain-for-all” situation for private citizens. The reason is: Friday is a holiday for Id, Saturday is Second Saturday, and Sunday is Sunday. It means all the Government offices and the banks would be “out of reach” for other private citizens for continuous three days. Now, only Monday will provide the relief for all Government-related works. The closed banks would create the most “unbearable” situation.

Moreover, the Government employees, to add more fun and frolic, have bunked the their offices from Thursday itself. The net result was ominous. All the important works in the Government Departments got crippled hitting the needy hard. Hundreds of Government employees have gone holidaying to nearby scenic and picturesque spots to enjoy every moment. However, thousands of other citizens have been left sulking.

The present day trends have made “week-end tourism”  a popular event. The Monsoon fun has no parallel. The Government servants have gone ecstatic and treasuring the moments in the Natural surroundings like the majestic greenery, beautiful hills and wobbling rivers. The students, too, have been spending the holidays on their own way. However, the holidays have hit the surveys over the losses the excessive rains have caused thus lengthening the expected relief  by three more days.The Divisional Commissioner and the District Collector have plans to summon some specific employees for the emergent works. The Disaster Management Centres, however, are in battle-ready position.


The most suffered lot would be policemen, local government institutes and others. The general dates for payment of salaries for these employees  are 9 or 10 of the month. But since the dates have gone holidays, the situation for them is gloomy and frustrating. Now, they would receive their salaries on Monday only.