Lockdown effect: Beggars compelled to sell country-made liquor in Nagpur

Nagpur: Earlier they were sustaining their families by the alms they received, however, as the stringent lockdown-like norms enforced in city shut their only-option to earn; the beggars in the Second Capital of the State have been found indulging illicit liquor sale businesses to earn livelihood.

In the shocking revaluation that came to fore, beggars are found selling country-made liqour in Yashwant Stadium vicinity. Many drunkards assemble in this premises to satisfy their thrust for booze, by flouting Covid norms. While the entire scenario occurs on the road side with Dhantoli Police Station being just adjacent to the Yashwant Stadium; this has raised concerned for the locals.

While stringent lockdown has been tough all sections of the society, with citizens grappling to make ends meet; some are compelled to indulge in illicit activities to earn bread and butter for their families.