Published On : Thu, Dec 4th, 2014

LIC awards “Student of the Year” of 45 schools


Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is a state-owned, largest insurance group and Investment Company. The LIC’s Nagpur Division organized an Award Presentation Ceremony; “Student of the Year” for students from 45 Schools in Nagpur city.

Zonal Manager of LIC Vinay Sah, Regional Manager (Corporate Communications) Deepak Chandrel, Senior Divisional Manager R Chander, Marketing Managers Ramdev Gupta and Manoj Pandav gave away the awards.


Students who excelled in the studies and those students who were adjudged Best All Round Student of this year were awarded during this programme.

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A well organized programme where the Marketing and Administrative Staff of LIC Nagpur Division, worked with clock-wise precision to ensure all the students are escorted well with their teachers, given awards and snacks packet and are seated in a uniform and disciplined manner.

LIC awarded all the students from 45 schools and showed no particular special treatment to any one school. Whether it is very reputed school or a small recently started school, everybody was treated alike.

There was a loud cheer and a standing ovation when a blind male student who had topped the school, a girl student who was lifted and was taken to the stage and a differently abled girl child who came on crutches was awarded.

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LIC promises to serve Nagpurians with renewed enthusiasm: Vinay Sah

In an exclusive interview with Nagpur Today, Zonal Manager of LIC Vinay Sah said that LIC has over 245 insurance companies and provident societies which were merged to create the state owned Life Insurance Corporation. LIC’s slogan Yogakshemam vahamyaha is in Sanskrit language which translates in English as “Your welfare is our responsibility.”True to their slogan, wherever LIC has its presence, they take care of the welfare of the people through insurance and value-added services.

He added that LIC has always brought about changes in policies for the betterment of their services. Sah said that after 2013, when Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority brought about some changes, they have started 16 new plans. All the old plans were stopped.

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Even in the Policy Services, many new initiatives were brought about for the providing better services to the policy holders. Some services which already existed, where one can pay their premiums from any branch office, has now been altered to offer full or complete services to the policy holders from any branch including payments, services, claims etc.

LIC has never opened any new offices. However, they open many satellite offices which cater to all new premium processing and other services. These satellite offices are attached to the main branch.

Sah claimed that they have their presence in many foreign countries too like London, Fiji, Manchester, South West Countries, Kenya, Saudi and Behrain etc. They have recently opened a representative office in Singapore two years ago. He claimed that talks are going on in New Zealand and Australia. However, he added that because of complex local regulatory laws of the country, the LIC is facing some problems.

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Nagpur performance up-to the mark

While speaking about the performance of Nagpur Division of LIC, he said that the success of a division depends on two main parameters.

  1. Geographical Location
  2. Potential business

He claimed that Nagpur Division is performing fairly well. He claimed that he has 22 divisions under him which includes three states i.e. Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa (the Western Zone). Of all the three states, Nagpur in Maharashtra is certainly leading. This includes the amount of sales and the amount of premium collected, steady increase in the number of people / policy holders etc. He claimed that Nagpur Division has achieved 98% of the target.

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While speaking about the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), he said that usually they fund some NGOs. These include funding for Hospitals, purchase of ambulance, School Building etc. They have a cap of Rs 25 lakhs per project.

In his message to the people of Nagpur, he said that LIC will continue to serve the people and their policy holders with renewed enthusiasm. They will live up to the trust that the people have vested in them and try to provide the best of services.